Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Why I Scrapbook/Family Layout

I was recently asked why I scrapbook and without hesitation my response was "Because tomorrow is never promised and furthermore our memories can lie." My husband often criticizes me for being too blunt, but sometimes that's the best way to get things across to people. Think about it for a second... in death people often look back at old photographs to help their memory recall their favorite times. Why not get creative, relieve stress, and have fun all while preserving those precious memories, especially since one day that is all that will remain. 

Well now that I have set the mood, please forgive me I did not mean to start off so dark - just trying to get the importance out there, I want to show you a scrapbook layout that has a special meaning to me. 

Recently, my son's school hosted a grandparent's breakfast where all of the kids got to invite their grandparents to come and eat breakfast with them and to furthermore see what the children have been up to as far as school goes. My son, being the lucky kid he is, ended up getting both my parents and my husbands parents to come with him. This was very special to everyone who was involved because moments like this are limited, making it even more important for me to capture it and cherish it the correct way so I can make sure to preserve it for years and decades to come. 

There are plenty of reasons to scrapbook, whether you are using it as a creative outlet, preserving memories, or maybe you even head out to crops to get some much needed "me/mom" socializing in. Whatever you reason is, please make sure to continue to make it a point to cherish these memories. Also remember your pages do not have to be masterpieces, they just have to be from your heart. 


Have a safe and happy memorial day weekend!