Monday, May 28, 2018

Kit Swaps: Tags

I recently took part in two kit swaps, as part of our swapping group on facebook. Now if you are not familiar with these, they are quickly becoming my favorite type of swap, I highly recommend you looking into one. 

In short there is a small group with one "Creator," the Creator has the job of creating the same kit for everyone in the group using 5 items that they have on hand. The Creator then sends the kits out to the others and we see what everyone creates. These are fun because everyone gets the same materials and has to create the same project, card/tags/layouts, using the kit and only 3 additional items (if need be.) 

I tell you this because not only are they fun but they are also how I came up with both of today's projects. 

Now for the first one I decided to adhere everything onto the tag and then I went ahead an added a black "Hello" die cut to it to give it a "purpose." I had a tough time deciding which side of the paper I wanted to use since they are both so lovely. The white floral was one side and that pink was the other. 

Then onto this one which is one of my favorites because it carries a very elegant feel. The "Creator" paired together beautiful gold and blush colors and even included that lovely wood grain paper and the sentiment, which is lovely!! For this tag I simply layered the sentiment onto some gold embossed paper to give it a little more focus. 

Thanks for stopping by today. If you are interested in joining us for some swapping fun you can find the facebook group here, or simply search there are plenty of craft swaps groups out there. 

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