Thursday, February 15, 2018

OSW Tutorial w/ cutting guides and sketches

Today, per requested, I have a wonderful OSW - one sheet wonder project to share with you guys. If you have never heard of an OSW it's simply a great way to get the most out of one sheet of DSP - designer series paper. I used the "Something Magical" cardmaking workshop from CTMH which just happened to pair beautifully with this month's $5.00 stamp set called "Sunny Thoughts." You can feel free to use this same workshop or you can use some material that you have on hand. 

The actual material list is as follows: 

  • 10 card bases and envelopes 
  • 1 Sheet of double sided 12" x 12" DSP 
(feel free to use 1-sided paper if necessary)
  • 2 Sheets of 12"x 12" solid colored cardstock
(I did not use all of each design and you can 
absolutely skip this if you are trying to save paper.) 
  • Ribbon - came in the kit and again adds a little variety to your cards 
  • Sequins - again came in the kit and gives some variety 

Ok so let me first showed you how I cut my paper. 
So there are more than 10 letters on this layout, but we only made 10 cards (we just combined some to make them nicer.) Note that when I cut my papers I cut the 5" off the top then I cut the bottom into 3 sections, then I finished up by cutting out the smaller sections. I also marked the "K" pieces with my ruler then I cut them out. 

When I had the pieces cut out I laid them out exactly as they are pictured above on my table. This allowed me to keep track of which pieces I wanted to go where. 

So let's move right on to the cards and layouts :) 

Here is a closer view of the cards. As you can see I decorated with some ribbon and some sequins. The sequins in this pack are super adorable, they are a mixture of flower sequins and bubble dots...and they are just beautiful! 

Here is a closer view of the templates that were drawn out. As I progress through the 10 cards I slowly start to add my own touches and pull away a little bit from the sketches. The sentiment mat on the third card (to the right in the photo) measures 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" with the white piece measuring 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" just in case you would like to copy it. 

Also if you have not caught on my two solid pieces of cardstock include the peacock and the blush papers. If you choose to use a non-neutral card base then you might only need one other piece to layer..however with the white the cards can look a little plain so I decided to spruce them up by adding the multiple colors - besides they came in the kit anyway so why not use them. 

The next two: 

Ok first off both of these cards feature our B&T strip which can be found on the top of any CTMH DSP and should never be overlooked. The ombre diagonal lined paper is the one that I am talking's like perfectly matching ribbon with no bulk! 

Also for Card E I went a little off and did my own thing. First I flipped the sketch upside down. Then again I used that B&T strip to the top and bottom. Instead of layering it I simply used the 3 1/3" x 3 3/16" piece which is the one I stamped right onto. I then attached piece E to the top background above that stamped base. 

If that threw you off then I am sorry and you can feel free to stick right to the sketch - either way everything will work out... I promise. 

Moving right along you can see in the next set is where I change up the stamps a little. Most of the cards use the SOTM - Sunny Thoughts, however when you purchase a cardmaking kit from CTMH you also get an exclusive B-size stamp set and I wanted to show how awesome that stamp was so I used it in the next card. Note that I also cut apart my SOTM so I could make it fit onto my cards better. 

Ok so two things to note in this set. The middle card is flipped. I pushed the pieces off to the side and fit another piece of peacock paper measuring 3.5" x 3" onto the base of the card. I then stamped my sentiment right onto this added piece. Again stick to the sketches or make them your own...this is your project. 

I also removed the layer on the 3rd card and added a piece of white daisy cardstock measuring 1"x 3" - this was the piece that I added my sentiment to. 

Now to finish it off I adjusted these ones slightly and will explain it below. 

So I marked the adjustments on the sketches below. 

Let's check them all out together one more time. Note that all the adjustments I made were to the solid colored paper - none of them were made to the DSP so the cutting diagram stays true and accurate. 

Now for a group photo. You can see in this photo the two different stamps. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Make sure let me know below if you made these cards and feel free to share the link so we can come on over and send some love your way. 

Happy Crafting. 

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