Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MemoryDex & Halloween Time

I know it's early, but in all reality we only have 2 Months to go before it's Halloween time and if you are like me then the Fall is your most absolute favorite season ever!! So of course I had to pre-season the Fall Season and come out with some of my first Halloween Projects of the year. This card is a MemoryDex card and if you have never heard of them then you are truely missing out on one of the newest PaperCrafting trends. MemoryDex Cards are all the range right now and I am going to show you how easy these cards can be.

These little Memorydex Cards is a new spin on an old fashion office accessory!! Created by Heidi Swapp these little "Rolodex" style cards are hitting the crafting world like a storm. Crafter's are using these cards for recipes, as address books, and even as photo albums!! Here take a peek at some others I have created. 

Don't you simply LOVE this idea!! I wasn't all about it at first when suddenly, walking the clearance aisles at Hobby Lobby (what else do you do after class!?) there they were sitting on the bottom shelf. I pulled out the Clearance Memorydox Spinner. Again wasn't ready to invest $50+ in something that just had potential, but clearance...hmmm........clearance always makes the wheels turn. What would I use these for, a photo a day for the year?? Or perhaps an Address Book?? Recipes?? Or maybe even a daily quote or a journal memo for your Project Life!!? After thinking a little the possibilities became endless. Taking a closer look at the clearance shelves I quickly spotted a set of cards...then another set of cards and quickly I became hooked in under $20!! #FrugalCrafter 

If you love this idea as much as I do then feel free to come on over and share some of your projects on my Facebook Fan-page, we always love inspiring others. Thanks for stopping by today and as always Happy  Crafting!