Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Project Life: Birthday Spread

Thanks for stopping by today to check out my newest project. Today's project is a project life layout of Doo's 6th birthday...which was back in February...whoops. It just goes to show you that even the professionals can get behind on their scrap-booking. 

I love to put together these pages because they are super simple, fast, and work wonders when you are trying to catch up on albums (which is me all the time!!) 

So for this particular one I grabbed some PL cards from my stash and started to cut and glue. I find that this type of scrap-booking works the best when you start with a card and then add to it, remember we are trying to save time. 

One tip that I do have to pass along to you would be to use repetition and symmetry. For example, I used the outer corners for my pictures which helped to keep the flow of the whole page simple and what you would expect. As far as repetition is involved, I simply used the same shapes and theme throughout, so even though the embellishments did not come from the same pack they still matched the overall layout. I also used the triangle to decide where I wanted to place things (take a look at the buttons.) 

If you are new to scrap-booking or even just new to Project Life then make sure to head on over to CTMH and pick up some cards (and page protectors.) We have all of the supplies you need to get started or to stock up. I promise once you get involved with this super simple method it will be hard to go back to your old ways. 

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Crafting!