Monday, June 26, 2017

Some shirt and tips, all using HTV

Ok so I've been making shirts for a couple of months now and the more I make the more I get requested to make, which is a win, win for all. However, working with HTV can be very time consuming and is a bit of a learning curve. With that in mind here are some basic tips for those of you that are just starting out.

  1. Play around with the different vinyl companies until you find one that works for you. Vinyl like paper can have different levels of thickness so it might take a couple of tries to find on that you enjoy working with. 
  2. Always (and I mean ALWAYS) make sure your image is flipped before cutting. HTV features two sides, the back side of the vinyl and a plastic cover to protect it from the heat. Cut backwards on the mat side. It sucks to go through all of that time creating a design and not flipping it before you cut it.  
  3. Speaking of plastic, do not peel off the plastic until your heat has been applied. The HTV is heat sensitive on both sides and will melt onto your heating device...whoops...more importantly this will ruin your design and your HTV and you will have to start all over with new material.
  4. I highly recommend a heat press (even an inexpensive one) if you are going to make this a long term thing. Nothing works as well as a heat press at keeping that vinyl on the apparel long me! 
  5.  If you are not using a heat press then make sure to use your iron on a hard, flat surface. Not an ironing board. You want to make sure to apply the right amount of heat and pressure to get a nice firm hold. 
  6. You will know when your HTV is stuck because that top plastic layer will peel off with ease. If for any reason it is tough to peel up, simply apply more heat. 
  7. HTV can go on almost any material!! Just make sure to check the temperature and timing settings every time you switch your material. 
  8. Get creative and have fun. HTV now comes in all sorts of colors and textures - they even have holographic HTV!!! Unicorns anyone?!! 

Ok so now onto some projects. Make sure to check out that glitter vinyl I it!!

Isn't that glitter vinyl awesome?!! The best part is that it's super simple to work with. My best advice to leave you with is to step outside your comfort zone. Working with vinyl is so much fun and it's much easier than you think.

Thanks and Happy Crafting!

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