Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jack Flip Book Video

We are getting so close to month's end!! I love it because that means that I get to bring you a whole new set of promotions, stamps, and of course paper lines. I hope you get just as excited about it as I do, but if not then no worries because today I have a wonderful video showing off one of my all time favorite paper lines, and the one I will be playing with the most in June! 

Yay that's right!! I figured June would be the perfect month to showcase the Jack paper line found here. This paper line is perfect for my boys, for camping,  and even for Father's Day celebrations. You know that I am so very excited to show you all that I made using it. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Last Call for these

As the month comes to an end I just wanted to come on and give you a last call on a couple of wonderful products that I have used this month. It's always said to see wonderful products go away and if you had as much fun as I did this month then make sure to head on over to my site before the inventory is gone. 

So what's leaving us?? Of course our wonderful "Live, Laugh, Love" stamp of the month will be retiring. The stamp of the month is always a great deal, especially when you can get it for over 70% off the retail price. Simply make a purchase of $50 or more and you can grab this 9 piece stamp set for only $5!! It's a crazy deal!! 

Ok so just in case you missed it here are the 9, yep 9!!, stamps that you get in this set. Followed by a little inspiration. 

Also retiring at the end of this month is our wonderful "Live Beautifully" paper line, including stamps, paper, workshops, everything that went along with this awesome deal. This beautiful line featured bold geometric designs, soft floral designs and color, along with beautiful gold foil accents so if you did not pick any of this up make sure to go over and get some of it. 

Here's some inspiration. 

Also, for my own exclusive promotion this month, if you purchase any of this paper line I will give you a free gift as well as a tutorial on how to make these 10 cards and still have 1/2 paper pack left over to play with. 

~~ I know it's hard to let these great deals go, however, with the close of one month comes the start of something new so make sure to stay tuned as I will be closing this week with a whole new line of wonderful! ~~

Thanks for stopping in today and Happy Crafting! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mini Album Video: Wedding Theme

Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet?? It's getting pretty hot over there. If you have not then no worries, because today I am bringing one of those videos straight to you, so sit back and enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed that walk through. If you are interested in learning how to put together you own beautiful albums then good news for you.... I am in the process of putting together a "how to" tutorial!! That means you should make sure to head on over and subscribe to my channel. I would hate for you to miss out on anything awesome! 

Thanks and Happy Crafting! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Love: Live Beautifully

Today's cards were very easy to make and they didn't require a lot of anything really, except paper and a stamp set. In fact these cards are yet another way that you could use our Stamp of the Month without having to color.

A little different from the card that I showed on Monday using the exact same stamp set. 

For these two cards I simply took some left over paper from the "Live Beautifully" line and I cut it 1/4" smaller than my card base. I then took some left over white paper and some left over pattern paper (that blue is actually the blue ombre paper from the line) and I stamped and fussy cut out two larger flags. Remember these cards where the flags were the focal, well it's kind of the same deal. To finish off the cards I adhered three pre-made flowers from my stash. 

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have not already make sure to subscribe to my blog, you will receive updates via email and you won't miss out on any of my upcoming tutorials.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So Happy Together (Plus Tutorial)

Hey Guys!! I am back with my final two projects for the week. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful cards that you can make with just 1/2 of one Live Beautifully paper pack. It's so amazing how much you can make.

Today's card features a pocket card for the main focal point. Pocket Scrapbooking has taken the craft world over and is such a wonderful and easy way to stay up to date on your scrapbooking. However, I often find that I have WAY too many cards, so just what am I to do?? Well of course use them to make quick and easy cards!! Like this one.

I simply layered some pattern paper onto the card base then put the card right onto that, making for a quick and easy focal point. I then decided to use some stuff from my stash and to embellish around the card to finish it up. 

The best news about this is that you can find a number of these cards on sale right now in our clearance section. 

Ok as promised I have a special tutorial for you today that is simply perfect for this season and upcoming Mother's Day holiday. Over the last week I went to a virtual crop (LOVED it so stay tuned for mine!!) and I was taught how to make these fancy little seed packets that I thought would be perfect to give to any gardener.

Or perhaps you can even give this out as a "Get Well" gift to any tea drinkers you may know. The size could easily be adjusted down to fit a tea bag in it, or a note pad.. that's the joy of paper you can get really creative with it :) 


Ok as promised I am going to show you how to make this super simple packet. 

1.) Take a piece of 4"x8" cardstock. This will be your base. 

2.)  Score the 4"x8" piece at 3" and again at 3.5" 
- this will allow your box to stand, or give width. 

3.) Create two accordion pieces for the sides. 
-To do this take two pieces of your base color and cut them at 2.75" (or length of box) x 1"
- Then score this two pieces every 1/4 of an inch (so 1/4", 1/2", 3/4") 
- then according fold or Mountain/Valley fold all the way down
( fold down, fold up, fold down, fold up...)

4.) Fold you 4"x8" piece on the score lines creating a packet/pocket/sleeve **

5.) Attach the two accordion pieces to the sides of the 4"x8" packet to create a "folio" 

6.) Decorate and Embellish at desired. 
- The font smaller piece is 3"x4" or matted @ 2 7/8"x3 7/8" (or as desired) 
- The inside/top portion is cut to 2"x4" or matted @ 1 7/8"x3 7/8" 

**This piece is put on prior to the Accordion pieces** 

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and feel free to link up below if you went ahead and created this packet. Remember it's perfect for tea, seeds, post it notes, really anything so make sure to get creative!! 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 Live Beautifully Cards, Oh My!!

Hi guys! You read that right! Today I have 6 cards to show off!! Well it's really only 2 new ones, but if you are new to the area or did not tune in last week then it's truly six. 

I have been having so much fun playing around with the beautiful and foil accented paper line that CTMH is offering this month. It's called "Live Beautifully" and it's truly awesome! Look at all of the different designs you can make. 

Can you tell which cards are new?? Yep those lovely purple ones on the bottom. 

I kept these cards very basic. In fact they are so basic that I consider them to be full size note cards instead of greeting cards. They are beautiful and fun, and of course they show off that "other side" of the Hello Beautiful paper line. 

To make these I simply layered some pattern paper onto my card base, making sure to leave a 1/4" border around the entire card. I then took another piece of pattern paper and cut it down to 3" x 4.5" and matted that onto some solid black paper (cut 1/4" larger.) To finish it up I used up that B&T paper strip, found on all CTMH papers, and added a couple flowers and gems from my stash. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed! 


Monday, May 22, 2017

Stamp of the Month & Live Beautifully

Ok, so today's card is a little busier than my usual style, but I really do love showing you how to save money by taking advantage of Close to my Heart's monthly special and today's card is a perfect combination between our Stamp of the Month and our NSM: Live Beautifully campaign. Let's get right to it.

This card is called a side step card because on the side the folds create a step. These cards are easy to assemble and work great for creating scenes, or even if you have a lot of stuff to put on a card...LOL! When does that ever happen!?

Another thing that I recently did was to invest in some awesome alcohol markers, so I really did enjoyed coloring in this stamp set. However if you caught me earlier this month I showed you how to use this exact same stamp set with no coloring :) Here you can look again at this post if you need a reminder.

I lost a lot of my projects and tutorials when I switched the blog over, but I do have some left. If you are interested in checking out some other fancy fold cards then you can visit this page.

Well thanks for tuning in today! I hope you enjoyed my project and were inspired to create something beautiful.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Beautiful Cards

Hi Guys! Happy Friday! We made it through another crazy week and while I did not get all of my videos up and running I got a few inspirational ones up. If you have not checked out my YouTube page then make sure to head on over there and see all the new things. There will be a lot going on with that in the upcoming weeks so make sure to subscribe. 

Ok, so yes you probably guessed that I have yet another card for today (actually 2) that uses the lovely "Life Beautifully" paper pack!! 

A lot of people use the flags as accessories in one of the top corners, which is an awesome way to use them, but why not use them on a larger scale!! I just love the way that those large flags make such a wonderful statement on these cards. 

To make these I simply cut my base pattern paper down to size, in this case it's 4"x 5.5".. notice that I only left a border at the top, not the sides. I then layered a piece of my B&T paper strip down across the card and layered my large flags on the top. If you are not using CTMH paper then you can simply cut a piece of scrap paper at about 1 inch, if you are using CTMH paper then just cut the top strip off. I then finished up the cards with a die cut - these ones happen to be cut out using the Cricut's print and cut feature. I also stamped some sentiments onto a thin scrap piece of white and layered that on. 

Oh and the details on both of those die cuts were all made using a white gel pen (my secret weapon and a must have for anybody who crafts!) 

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Birthday Wishes: Hello Lovely Cards

It's hard to believe that we are more than halfway through this month already!! Yikes!! It's actually a good things because I live in UpState NY where summer doesn't really start until the end of May. Speaking about the end of the month I have some more cards to share with you today! 

These cards were made using our beautiful "Hello Lovely" paper line which and be found here and is only available this month, so hurry on over there and pick it up. I picked up the paper pack and I was able to get a mini album and 10 cards out of it, so it's definitely worth it to pick up at least that. 

To make these cards I simply measured out a side banner using strips of scrap. I then layered on the main part of the base (or that geometric pattern.) I also matted some "Birthday" sentiments onto black card stock and adhered it on the bottom. To give this card balance I not only placed a die cut above the sentiment, to the left, but I also finished up the card with some black enamel dots - keeping the triangle in mind.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed these cards and were inspired to create something beautiful. 

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Up in the Clouds: Sponging Technique

Welcome and Happy Monday! I have a beautiful and inspiring card for you today! The idea for this card came from a YouTube video which happened to have some sponging in it... can't watching videos be so much fun sometimes, I mean you never know what you are going to learn!

For this card I decided to sponge the background so I could give the appearance of clouds simply by sponging on some ink through my stencil. Sponging is such an awesome technique and there are so many different ways to do it. 

For this particular card I decided to grab some peacock ink, although you can use any color you would like, and a "stencil" that I made out of thick cardstock using my Cricut machine. If you do not have a die cutting machine you can simply fussy cut out a cloud or perhaps purchase a stencil/die. For the sponge I simply purchased a large sponge and cut it up like a pizza. This conserves the sponge and gives you the ability to ink using multiple colors. Then I laid the stencil down, inked it up, and started cirlcing it onto the paper in the same spots that I wanted the clouds to be in. Note that for the clouds I only inked the tops of the stencil. This created the white cloud with the blue sky around it that you see above. 

If you have never sponged before then make sure to give it a try. You can seriously sponge anything from backgrounds, to titles, stencils, and even layouts!! If you are interested you can follow along with me this week and I will show you all the cool things that sponging can achieve through inspiring projects, live videos, and more! 

As for that beautiful image it's a stamptangle balloon colored in using alcohol markers!! I know, I know! I LOVE those stamptangles too :) You can view more details on the stamp by clicking here

Thanks for stopping in today and Happy Crafting! 

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

You're The Best

Hi! I hope you are still with us! We have a week full of "Live Beautifully" cards and of course a wonderful 10 card tutorial to go with anyone who purcahses this paper line through my OBA

This is such a lovely paper line and I am having so much fun playing around with it. I ended up making 10 beautiful cards using only 1/2 a paper pack and I still had a ton left over for other projects!! Awesome right. If you would like the tutorial for this project or perhaps even for a scrapbook or mini album tutorial please make sure to post your orders here, then I will email you out these beautiful and inspirational tutorials. 

Ok so moving right on let's see what I created for today. 

For these cards I used the "Live Beautifully" paper line along with the retired "Finding the Words" sentiment. I layered all of the paper together and then I finished off with our awesome enamel dots

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you are enjoying this week full of this beautiful paper line. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my final project, plus a bonus tutorial :) 

Happy Crafting. 

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If friends were flowers: 3 More Live Beautifully Cards

Ok so following suit with the "Live Beautifully" theme this week I have three more cards that I have made using the tutorial that I have been telling you about all week. 

Both cards used the same general design where I layered them and attached a white piece of embossed paper to the top. Embossing adds a lot of texture to cards and is often a great way to add when a design has a lot of white space, or empty space. 

The top card features a sentiment and flowers from our retired "Someone Special" stamp set. The bottom features flowers from none other than our $5 stamp of the month!! If you are interested in that you can find it here. For both cards I stamped the flowers onto white paper and then I colored them in using alcohol markers, you can check out our Shi Han markers here

I was also able to make this similar card using the same paper line and stamp set. I finished this cad off by adding some enamel dots. 

If you missed the post earlier this week then make sure to check back through and check them out. I always offer anyone who purchases a paper pack some fabulous tutorials to go along with the paper line, you know as some added inspiration. 

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Crafting. 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thanks so Very Much - NSM

Ok so as promised I have some fabulous projects to show you this week. All of the projects I am going to show you this week were made using just 1/2  of our "Live Beautifully" paper pack. That's right only half of a paper pack - you know how much I love saving money! 

Now if you would like to make these projects I have easy to follow instructions that will walk you through all of the cutting as well as the layout of each card, the only thing you have to do is head on over to my shop and purchase the paper pack (and stamp set.) When you make the purchase be sure to add in your email (aka not check out as a guest) and I will make sure to email you over all of the tutorials. The best news is that I made over 10 cards, plus a seed pack, and I still have tons of paper left over for other projects...imagine what I can do with the whole paper pack. 

I love these cards and you can easily switch out the sentiment to have it match whatever you are looking for. The tutorial I have uses the paper pack as well as the NSM stamp set, however I switched it out a little bit. 

I often need thank you cards for my customers so it's always awesome to have a bunch of these on hand. In fact the cards I made above use the Finding the Words stamp set which is often my go to for fabulous sentiments. 

Make sure to stay tuned and check back in this week. The tutorial that I mentioned has 10 cards with 5 different designs so there is plenty more to show off as the week goes on. 

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Crafting. 

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Live, Laugh, Love Meets Live Beautifully

I say it all the time, but I really do love to save money, and honestly there is no better way to save money than to purchase 9 stamps for only $5!! Wow! You can't get that deal anywhere! Anywhere, but right here

Anyway, for today's post I have decided to take our two monthly promotions and to make something absolutely fabulous. 

I wish that my camera captured that foil rose paper better because it really is simply beautiful. All of the gold in the background paper is actually a foil which pops right up on the white. 

For the right card I decided to complement that beautiful foil with some gold heat embossing (which didn't come out to good sorry.) The "Love together" is part of our SOTM and is such a beautiful stamp that I thought it would pair nicely with the foil background. 


Check out all of those details.

All of the paper used in both cards is from our Live Beautifully paper pack. I have a special tutorial which shows you how to make 10 cards using only half of the paper pack. Which means you have a whole half paper pack to use for layouts, ATC's or more cards. I will be showing all cards from this tutorial all week and you can create along side me, all you have to do is purchase the paper pack and I will email you out the tutorial. I also have a mini album and 3- double page scrapbook tutorial if those are more your thing...or if that's what you would like to create with the other half of your pack. ;)

Here are the 10 cards this tutorial creates.

Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see my spin on the next two cards. :) Happy Crafting. 

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dirt Bikes Need Scrap Pages Too

Well in honor of National Scrapbooking Day I decided to make a super special Saturday showing!! Today I have a really awesome layout to share with you that was made using a bunch of stuff from my stash. I know, I know you would LOVE to see some of that new CTMH stuff. Well have no fear because ALL next week I will be coming over and showcasing our Live Beautifully line. 

But for now take a look at my son being super cool for his birthday. Happy National Scrapbooking Day! 

Ok so the story behind this photo all started when I was overjoyed that my husband wanted to take part in our town wide lawn sale days!!! I mean how awesome, right??! Well low and behold, at one of the last sales we went to, there was an old dirt up 50cc dirt bike that the owner had used for all three of his boys (which were all now teenagers and have since upgraded.) 

Oh, what to do about this dilemma?? It was the end of the day and surely this old neglected dirt bike needed a home, besides it would be a great daddy and son project to work on over the summer....right?! 

Well long story short we purchased the bike and got the whole family on board, including Harley driving grandma who also happens to be a nurse...hence this birthday present (all the pads, helmet, and safety gear.)

 I mean look he's a natural! Plus he's the oldest which usually equates to being the most responsible right!! :) Oh, to have a house full of boys! We are putting the final touches on the dirt bike so please do make sure to stay tuned for those photos :) 

Thanks for checking out my post today! I hope you have a spectacular day and find some happy time to craft! 

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