Thursday, April 20, 2017

OSW Summer Cards!

Hey!! Welcome and thanks for joining me! Today I have a really fun and easy thing for you and it's called OSW - one sheet wonders. Now if you follow the blog then you have seen these a lot lately..well today I not only have all of the completed cards but I also have a sheet for you to print out and use at home.

So first up are the cards. I always use a double sided card for my OSW...that way I get more variety when I am putting the cards together. For this line I used the retired "Seaside" paper line from Close to My Heart. This was the last of this paper and I am so excited to start clearing out some space for the brand new paper lines!!

I also LOVE the Cricut for these cards because I can find a number of matching images and simply print and cut them out and Wah-lah easy DIY accessories. The stamp I used in this example came from the retired Scrapbooking Workshop - but with all of my designs any paper, die cuts, and stamps that you have on hand will do the trick. 

My OSW cards always make 8 solid cards and always use one full 12"x12" piece of cardstock. Also if I am planning on matting my OSW cards that requires 2 sheets of solid cardstock, so be prepared. 

 Here take a look at how I cut them out. 

Ok Sorry for the raw and straight out of the sketch book sketch :) <3 That's how I work it though!! So you are pretty much cutting your paper to equal 6 standard mats (5.25x4.) The one on the end is going diagonal, to switch it up a little, and was cut out at a 5.25x4 and then sliced in half. Next I took one of those standard squares and I chopped it into three parts so each one was equal to 4"x1.75" these will become my change up like in the "Coolin' Out" card featured above. To top everything off I then cut three strips at (4x1.5") which is your standard border across. Don't let the sketch fool you that top row is only 1.5" deep.

You can watch how I cut it out by heading over to my Youtube channel. Make sure to go ahead and subscribe when you are over there. I don't have a lot of videos up but I love to make them and have a ton on the docket.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my easy OSW cards.

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