Thursday, February 2, 2017

"The Why"

As many of you know, my husband and I just got back from our very first Disneywold family vacation!! YAy!! I still feel like there is a crowd cheering me on every time I say "Disneyworld..." Hey a girl can keep dreaming right?! Well without getting too far off track we ended up packaging a lot of our vacation together which helped save us TONS of money..leaving more room for spending... hey you still need to keep things in balance right?! Well anyway since we ended up saving so much we decided to purchase the Disney Memory Maker photo pass for $150. Now if you have never heard of this, or think you do not need it, then you need to investigate further because it's amazing. But since this is not a post about Disney and more about all of those photos I now will have a digital copy of, we shall continue with the story.

So Disney is a once in a life time deal right?! Right! It's truly magical, which is why spending $150 to get EVERY single photo your family is in without ever picking up a camera is not a big deal. I'm talking about the "Ahhh!!" face ride photos, the family photos in front of the castle, and of course those character meets...big deal and a great price. Well again this post is not about Disney, in fact what it's actually about is when you receive all of those photos, after the "yay's" and "remember whens" die down and the realization sits in that you are now 500 photos deep...and then.... then.... well sadly more than 60% of mine end up in a shoe box!! I know shame on me..but my guess is that more than likely you have some of those boxes too...or worse yet you post them to social media and never even take them off the digital version!!! Yikes too much faith in technology for me!!

Well, I am here to challenge show you how to really and truly take care of those memories. I mean really that's all photographs are right, sometimes even so much so that it becomes all the next generation has to hold onto. This is why it's important to cherish these photographs and present them in a fun and creative fashion for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. Now this does not have to be the traditional sit down and take out my fancy scissors and construction paper and let me get to work on this 10 hour long layout. First off, I'll show you how to do a layout in 30 minutes with only a ziploc bag full of supplies!! I know, no lie. But beyond basic, traditional, scrapbooking, this art form has grown into so much more. Seriously google pocket scrapbooking, or smash books, or even just look and see how easy it is to make a batch of birthday cards (you would never need to purchase another $10 card  again!!) I am all about saving you money and showing you how to capture our memories, take them out of the shoebox, and put them into beautiful pieces of art, all in an affordable and more importantly easy way.

So, stop thinking "it's not for me" or "I just don't have the time/space" and start thinking about how important cherishing those memories are. About how easy it is to slide some photos and some pre-printed cards into a beautiful album. Or even perhaps, how beautiful would it be to hand your customer a personalized card (with very little effort on your end..I won't tell if you don't.)

Even if I have not convinced you to come along and start scrapbooking, I at least hope that I have inspired you to keep and open mind and follow along as I show you just how easy and fun cherishing memories can be.

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