Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Taggin' It Everyday

I have been hit with the crazy (and nasty) summer virus and man has it put me under!! So on top of spending all my time chasing around two little ones, I am also battling everyone crazy summer sickness!! But I have not stopped crafting and have lots of projects to get situated and up on the in short stay tuned and hang in there for me! :)

For today I have another set of tags to show off. Since it's no longer July I suppose I will save the rest of my Christmas tags for a rainy day and bring you something a little more everyday.

These tags could be used as stand along tags (ya' know on that lovely present bag) or perhaps even on cards.

I received both of these card bases through a pen pal exchange (btw what a great idea to send out blank tags!!) I then dug deep into my mis-matched accessories tote to find some free floating items that would look great together. 

Yep that's right..Miss Organized!! This is one of those stack-able totes (which beautifully fits 12x12's) that I throw my miscellaneous stuff into. This is always the first place I go when I am starting a new project (partly because it annoys me and I am trying to clear it out ...ok totally because of that.) 

Then of course, since I am actually organized...sometimes, I also keep the majority of my accessories, embellishments, and stickers in this folder basket. All of those little folders are labeled things like "Animals, Birthdays, Patriotic, ect.. I just had to show off my basket after I showed you that mess, bin full of stuff.  P.S. don't hate on my lovely wallpaper!!

Well that's all I have for you today! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful and creative day!

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