Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Little Star Baby Card

If you have been following along then you saw this lovely baby mini album that I made for a customer order. Well I figured since I was pulling out all of my baby goodies anyway that I would make a card or two, you know, just in case anyone I know is getting ready to have a baby.

For today's card I used two different paper packs. The main one I used was called "Little Safari" and it from The Paper Studio and the second one I used was "Bundle of Joy" from Echo Park. 

I knew that the Twinkle, Twinkle journal card had to be front and center on something and since I could not fit it into the baby album I decided to make a card to go along with the alum. The background papers are from the Safari line and those stars have been cut out and stored in my stash forever (what a great use for them!!) 

The inside features some more of the Safari papers and a rub-on that was not made for a new baby but does work. 

Thanks for stopping in today! I hope you are enjoying your last full week of summer!! 

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Baby Boy Mini Album

I am so completely addicted to these little mini albums!! Seriously, I love them and cannot stop making them. See here is an everyday one and I have one for an older boy that I am planning on having up on the blog soon, I promise. Today, however, I am going to show you one that I made for a baby boy's first years.

This lovely album uses the Bundle of Joy Paper line from Echo Park (plus a few things from my stash sprinkled in.) I received one of these from the original designer, over at My Sister Scrapper, and I loved it because I can keep up with my first year memories. Yes, even though I design everyday I still have trouble keeping those scrapbooks updated.

To get the full affect of this beautiful album I made a video. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Didn't you just love that paper line and the sturdy design of the album. We use chipboard for the covers and I can't get over all the flips, flaps, tags, and pockets!! I am still working out the kinks of video-ography (is that even a word?!!) but it's getting so much closer!! :)

If you loved that album as much as I do then make sure to connect with me I always have fun and exciting things going on and I love to post projects, tips, and tutorials so trust me following along is totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Monday. 

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Live it Up! Happy Birthday Card

I went through a whole "no buy July" and while it was nice and very thrifty, I have since been dying to get my hands on some new paper.. I mean who doesn't Love, need, desire new paper. So off I went, to shop around for paper, when all of a sudden I came across this lovely paper pack called "Birthday Wishes" from Echo Park. By the way, I love Echo Park and this really fun paper line.

So everything on this card (except the gems) came from the paper pack. This pack was tailored for a boy's birthday but as you can see it can be used for anyone's birthday. 

The inspiration for this card came from a Split Coast Stampers sketch challenge that looks something like this. 

As you may know I am a sucker for card sketches and this is a really fun community so why not jump in and join the fun. If you have not checked out this community then head on over there and sign up...and don't hesitate to jump right in there are all levels of skill and everyone there does some sort of paper crafting!! 

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my fun filled birthday card. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Christmas Wishes Holiday Card

Today's card came together in no time flat because I used a kit to piece it all together. I saw this paper line and knew that I just had to have it to start the Holiday Season out just right. The paper line I am talking about is called Carta Bella Collection Kit - Christmas Wonderland and it's so pretty and so much fun to work with.

Carta Bella - Christmas Wonderland Collection - 12 x 12 Collection Kit

I really enjoyed the classic red and green, almost rustic/vintage, theme that this line goes with so I figured I would give it a try. Then when I got it I immediately pulled out the paper from today's card and got to work.

I absolutely love how that blue ties in with the whole card. I'm not going to lie, it was a little hard to see this card passed along to a new sender :) Ahh...bittersweet. Well good thing I bought the whole pack and can bring you more from this beautiful Carta Bella line.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you are enjoying these last few beautiful days of summer! 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Easy Card/Tag Sets: Teals to You!

So the only thing better than a beautiful card is receiving a beautiful card and tag set!! I know tell me about it. I truly believe I am on to something so simple yet so much fun!

I was challenged to make a teal and yellow card so I dug into my ColorBok paper book and found this lovely pattern paper which I thought would pair nicely with my blue butterfly. I received that butterfly sticker in a swap and it's so gorgeous that I have been waiting for the right time to use it.. and wah-lah perfect paper pairing :) 

That lovely black shimmer ribbon was $1.00 at the dollar tree!! Yay!! I love a great deal and I need to head back and get way more, they have purple, orange, and black. I wasn't sure if I would use it or not so I only picked up the black. I will let you in on a little secret, though, I use this cheap ribbon as much as my CTMH shimmer trim ($6!!) and the only difference is that the $1 store stuff is ribbon and needs adhesive. 

Ok so moving on. The arrows and "Hello" sentiments (on both) came from a happy mail swap. The black enamel dots and the teal twine on the tag are both from CTMH. Leaving us with that yellow butterfly, which to be honest with you was from one of the first paper packs I have ever purchased!! (WOW!!)  

And there you have it. Using just some scraps and extras I quickly made a card and a matching gift tag :)

Make sure to stay tuned to my blog this week to check out my latest scrapbook page as well as a brand new "All Boy!" mini album. In the meantime you can check out these other mini album posts.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Pink and Yellow...Hello PL!!

Happy Friday and thanks for joining us today! Fridays are always a special day around my homestead since it not only starts the weekend but also means that it's Movie Night...equipped with pizza!! Yay to family night, no cooking, and no dishes ... oh yea and everyone is typically in a good mood!!

Fridays also (typically) symbolize a scrapbook page or some sort of PL (yay!! dual meaning... project life or pocket letter) and today I have a pocket letter for you. So sit back and enjoy!

Now typically I am not a huge fan of these things, but then loving snail mail as much as I do, and a good challenge, I finally got my act together and just did one mini, then I made my second, then third. I  started getting really addicted to these mini PL's (which are 3 pockets instead of 9) and before I knew it I realized that I was quickly addicted to Pocket Letters (mini or full size) again I mentioned I am slightly addicted to snail mail!

I found that the mini PL's were an awesome starting point for anyone getting into this. Another trick that I learned is that it's ok to make one full pocket a shaker pocket..this actually looks really awesome and takes very little effort. So if you are good at math, or simply following along, we start with a mini PL (3 pockets) then we put a shaker in the middle and a letter in the first pocket, that only leaves your with one more pocket (add some stickers, washi, or anything else that you have way to much of!) and wah-lah your first pocket letter is complete and ready to be mailed to a friend. Another secret is to add chocolate or tea which are always really big hits with me and others. 

This one was made for a swap and the theme was Pink and Yellow.  I was so hesitant in joining this swap, I am a mom of two little boys so Pink and Yellow's not really a color palette that I reach for a lot. But to my amazement I had a ton of Pink and Yellow things including the lovely Calypso paper pack from CTMH. Oh yea I also added some gems and sequins from CTMH. 

This is a view of the back. A lot of people make or add journal cards to both sides of the pocket letter, I like to decorate the front and let the goodies show through on the back. Again though, since this is your letter do whatever you want, there's no right or wrong was.

The goodies include washi, gems, paper clips, clothes pins, stickers, my letter (always) and some other odds and ends. I never have a problem filling the letter it's honestly just the start up process, that gets me. 

Here is a close up of some sticker words I added in. 

Another view of the front. A lot of people use stickers to label what's in each pocket.. I tend to stick to phrases with my alpha's (like HI!) but there is no right or wrong way of doing this, so just do it and you'll figure it out. 

 Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my Pocket Letter and I hope to see next week.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Watercolor Bubbles: A CK Challenge

Welcome to Digital Thursday which typically means that there is a brand new Creative Knockouts challenge up and running starting today!! This week we are challenging everyone to use a tag on your projects. So whether you use a tag for your card or perhaps even as a stand alone (or set!) bring those projects on over to CK to enter for your chance to win three fabulous prizes from our sponsors The Stamping Boutique (2 images) & Glitterbabe-(1 image).

For this challenge I chose to use the fabulous Bubble Fairy from TSB and thought that she would pair wonderfully with some watercolor. So after digging deep for both my paints and my pencils and here is what I came up with. 

For the card I used the watercolor paint set that I have, which is a basic 21 color set from CTMH. This is my first watercolor set and I love it for the little bit of water coloring which I actually do. However, I do use my CTMH water color pencil set way more (it's what I used on the tag) and again I am no professional water color anything so my only advice is to play around and see what works best for you.  

One rule of thumb though, is to make sure that you print the image onto watercolor paper first. Using water color paper will prevent any leaking and will make the overall process way easier for you. 

As you can see I still need some work on water coloring, but I love the effect that water coloring adds. Plus with water coloring you are allowed to be messy (Hello!! Messy....sign me right up!) 

The pencils came out a little more subtle. I outlined around the images after the paint dried in an attempt to add more depth. It's always fun to play around with a new medium. Do keep in mind that when you are water coloring water also works as an eraser. I always have a napkin handy to add or remove water and color as necessary. 

Well there you have it a fun water color card/tag set inspired by the challenge over at Creative Knockouts this week. I hope to see you over there! 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Lovely Flip Album

It gets confusing with all of the new lingo bouncing around the scrapbooking world and if you follow it (at all) like I do then you may be a little lost (like I am) on a couple of things... like flip album vs. flip book...and I am not sure that this post is going to clear anything up for you but here is my version of a flip album (slightly larger and more durable that it's cousin the flip book.) 

I followed a very easy tutorial brought to you by My Sister Scrapper so if you have not checked her out make sure to head on over there right now..go ahead I will wait. 

This is the front cover and the first page. When following this pattern make sure to take the time to place your pages where you want them (every page varies slightly.) 

I used a ton of journal cards and of course lots and lots of tags and photo outlines. 

Here is a closer view of that lovely PL card my friend Stacey Made. You will see a lot of her work throughout this album and if you love it as much as I do then you can check out more of it here on her blog Stacey's Creative Corner.

And of course you flip it open to a journal space! How creative and wonderful! 

Some more of the pages as you flip through the book.

And of course some more of the tags/photo pages. 

This one was a really neat feature to add to the book. About mid-way into the book the page outline gets switched up and you add in 2 1/2 pages fully equipped with pockets! It's a ton of fun.  

I had a lot of photo outlines in my PL stash so I figured this was the perfect chance to use those up. I also love the idea of journal cards and capturing memories, quotes, even routines and agendas! 

This was a dun little book/pocket which we made for the back cover. I decided to add some goodies to the inside.

So there you have it a nice and easy album. I promise you it does not take long to complete this one and it's such a beautiful album, make sure to give it a try. 

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Chasing Butterflies

You know the more I play around with the print and cut feature on the Cricut the more I enjoy using it. You know you have a great feature when any image can be printed instead of simply cut out! 

Plus, sometimes you just need that lovely color spectrum which is something you cannot get from most cardstock. 

On this card, I carried that lovely Jillibean Soup paper on the front of the card as well as on the inside of the card. This is just a simple way to balance your entire card out. 

Let's talk about color for a second, I love pairing that yellow and grey combination! **MUAH** 

I decided to pop up the image which helps to give the string, and the image, more interest when glancing at the front. I then attached some medium sized sky blue gems around the bear. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my card and are having an excellent summer! 

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