Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Mail using PL cards!

I LOVE getting "Happy Mail" from other crafters, or anyone really. Because let's be honest here any mail that is not junk mail, or even worse bills, is enough to make me overly joyed!! I also enjoy sending out Happy Mail and consider this to be a great time to cycle through some of those old embellishments, cards, papers, and what not and pass them along to someone else who may get some use out of them. Really the only downfall to this system is that I send so much Happy Mail that I get bored making the same things and sending out the same monotonous things to people. So in step some new ideas, like the pocket letter swap from a couple of weeks ago. Today's post is very similar to that except that it requires a lot less work :) Just the way I like it. 

So I got this idea from a YouTube video and it uses 4 large PL cards (which we all tend to have plenty of these on hand.) You line them all up choosing your outside ones (front and back) and then choosing two for your inside pockets. 

The pockets can be cut in any shape. I happened to follow suit with the video and added a little slant about halfway through. I then used some washi tape wrapped all the way around all four cards in order to secure and create a "folder" of sorts. This is what the front and the back look like when it's laid flat on the table. 

I used the Lucky Charm PL set by Becky Higgins. I love these cards and they worked out really nicely because they are so beautiful that I did not have to decorate a whole lot. 

I then decided to fill the pockets with a little note on one side and of course some of the embellishments from the same kit on the other. 

And there you have it a super simple and fun way to send out some Happy Mail! Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to come back tomorrow for a brand new Creative Knockouts Challenge! 

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