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Friday, April 22, 2016

PL Feb. Title

I've been slacking a little bit on my project life pages and my stash is simply growing beyond belief, so I decided to get working on some title pages before I get buried in PL cards. For the boys scrapbook I have decided to make each month's title page a PL spread. This way I use up that ever growing stash and it also helps me to stay on the ball. 

The thing I love about PL is that you can be either word heavy, photo heavy, or perhaps even both and the page can still look wonderful. This works well for me because sometimes it's about the story and sometimes it's simply about the pictures. 

These pictures highlight some of my favorites for the month of February and since these are my favorite photos I thought that the CTMH journal cards would be a perfect fit. I kept the embellishments to a minimum because I wanted the focus to be more on the photos than the scrapbooking. 

Thanks for joining me today! I hope to see you back here next week, I have a lot of fun things prepared! 

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