Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mother's Day Pair

So the next major holiday in my house happens to be Mother's Day so I figured I would get a jump start on trying out a couple of new techniques on this year's cards. 

This first card is stamped with a beautiful large background stamp and then I white embossed it and then I hit it with my heat gun. I adore this technique on cards because it is extremely easy and adds such an elegant touch. After I heat embossed the ink I then took some red ink and sponged it over the raised ink and wah-lah you end up with this lovely card. 

On my next card I used the "Bokeh" technique. This technique is also simple and requires little in terms of supplies. The first thing you need is a circle stencil which you can either purchase or make from cardstock. If you are making a stencil make sure that you are random with where you put your circles and try to have atleast three different sizes. After I have the stencil I then sponge on three different colored inks, in this case I used purple, pink, and then the white is always the highlighting ink. 

The stamps I used for both of these cards are from Close to My Heart. I was also going to double layer that silver shimmer trim but I ran out prior to adding that second strip.

Well I hope you enjoyed my cards today and were inspired to head out and create something beautiful! 

 photo JeniLeigh3_zps1223d877.jpg