Friday, October 9, 2015

Just some Wine Glasses - Vinyl Project

Ok so if you follow me then you should know two things by now..

#1) I am so totally in love with vinyl right now!! I made this Thanksgiving Plate found here and there was no turning back. I have tons of projects which I will be showcasing to you, hopefully, next week, but for those who are impatient like me I have a few for you today.

#2) The second thing you should now about me by now is that I have been seriously planning for my first craft show which launches tomorrow!! Preparing has made me so busy because I wanted to have a large variety of projects to showcase all of my many talents and honestly I did not have any inventory or stock on hand (which I suppose is good because people can enjoy my projects shortly after I make them. 

But anyway today's project is not only for the show, and of course has vinyl on it, but would currently be in use right now (if I was not pregnant :) ) So let's get right onto it. 

This one is perfect for that teacher that likes to unwind and relax on the weekends! Since the picture is a little hard to see I will let you in on it. There is an apple on the side and the writing says "Teacher's Little Helper" ~ Perfect and cute!! 

Then of course I have these two to complete my set of 3. Since this is my first show and I had so much inventory to build I decided to make 3-5 of each project and then go from there. 

The one says "Sip Happens" and has beautiful pink and grey flowers all the way around it. BTW if you didn't know I swear to you vinyl is so easy to use once you get working with it!!.. I promise! 

The other glass says "Retirement ~ Good-bye Tension Hello Pension" and this quote was so cute that I actually made a beer mug which matches this glass. 

Well thanks so coming by today and I hope you were inspired to head out and play with some vinyl. I'll be back next week with a full week of goodies including scrap layouts, cards, and of course some more 3-D projects. 

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