Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gift Card Holder...Card.

Hi and welcome back! Thanks for being patient with me this week as I finish my final preparations for my craft fair this weekend! I am almost all ready to go and get set up.... I just need to get some of the business side/papers/signs completed. Whew! I never thought I would make it this far and think that I am almost in time for a much needed vacation!! No worries though I will not be taking time off anytime soon...gotta get ready for that baby! 

Today, for being such patient and understanding followers, I have decided to stop in and share a really cool and really easy card which contains a small inside slot perfect for a gift card. Now the holidays are a prefect time for gift card giving (you know the mailman, the neighbor, the babysitter, the vet.. and whoever else helps us on a regular basis) and while there are many ways to package up a gift card I just think this is one of the most creative I have seen in a while. 

So without further is what the cards look like. 

Again with that easy inside (no worries I did not have a gift card on hand - so yes that's my business card- but believe me a gift card will slide so perfectly into the pocket.) 

  • Ok so to make these bad boys you are going to measure out a piece of cardstock which will measure 5.5" tall and 10" wide. Then you simply score at 4", 5", and 6" on the long side (this will create that inward fold which the card sits into.) 

  • On the 5" score line you are going to cut (an approximate) a 2" slit vertically which will be the actual space which the card will fit into. I highly recommend you measure your gift card at this point (it can either slide in on it's bottom or even on it's side - 2 separate looks.) Then simply fold on the score lines. 
  • (*Important*) take your tape runner and run it only on the bottom edge of the fold. If you run adhesive throughout the whole fold your gift card will not slide in and out very easy. If you adhere just the bottom of the fold you can easily fold it together and then wah-lah you have your finished product. 

I told you theses were easy and I wasn't kidding. I managed to make a set of 4 in less than 30 minutes! An easy design, cover, and finish! 

 photo JeniLeigh3_zps1223d877.jpg