Monday, June 1, 2015

SOTM: Stamp Set of 7 for only $5!!

Welcome back to another wonderful, but rainy @least here, Monday. Thanks for joining me back up and I appreciate everyone's patience with my vacation time last week! 

So now that we are in a new month I have so many new campaigns, events, and deals to share with you. As always if you are looking for my upcoming events you can now check them all out under the events and more tabs. I will try to post them here as I schedule them, but everyone knows how easy it can be to loose a post. 

So, today I would like to start with my favorite new monthly item which is the Stamp of the Month! I love the SOTM deals because you save 70% off retail right off the bat and the stamps are always a D-size stamp, which is our largest stamps. So yes it truly is a deal you can't  should not pass up. Also to make the deal that much sweeter I am completely in love with this month's stamp, here check it out. 

For the Month of June we are featuring Ice Cream Dream which is a set of 7.

Here's some fabulous artwork which features this stamp set. 

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the way the SOTM works I will share some of the information with you. Very easily put, if you make a $50 purchase (excluding Studio J) then you are eligible to receive this stamp set for a discounted price of only $5!!! That's an amazing deal, and believe me $50 in products is not hard to reach ;) but if for any reason your budget is a little tighter this month or you only wish to purchase the SOTM then you can do so at full retail price (still an affordable $17.95). Remember this is a D-size stamp, so it's our largest, and this one features 7 separate stamps, which breaks it down to $2.56 per stamp!

 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Just a little note before I leave you for the day. I have an upcoming Let's Explore Cricut Explore class this Wed. which will be a fabulous class for anyone who is new to the Explore Machine or anyone who is looking to further their knowledge of the Design Space software. I also have two virtual parties coming up in June so if you are looking to make a purchase please feel free to head on over to this link and join in the festivities!! I will have two wonderful prizes to give-a-way at each party so believe me you won't want to miss out. Also you do not need to wait for the party to order, just for the fun and festivities. If you are interested in placing an order simply click join next to the party name and then place your order, then come back on the night of the party and try to win some fabulous prizes!  

Thanks for stopping in today and I hope you were inspired to create something beautiful. 

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