Friday, March 27, 2015

Deepest Sympathy Card Set

This week was a long week for us, not only did we have a cousin who got sick and was hospitalized but we also had an aunt who passed away from cancer. It's fortunate that sometimes it takes something severe to make us think of sympathy cards, maybe it's just me trying to always be positive, but never the less with all the poor karma this week I decided to sit down and make a batch of them to hand out over the weekend.

These were very easy cards to make since I was only using three designs. I made two cards of each design and in no time I had six cards ready to go. You can see the three different designs in the pictures. 

 All of these designs are from Lisa Stentz, and you can get step by step instructions from her blog Lisa's Creative Corner. I did not follow the designs exactly, since you always have to add your own flair in, but you can tell that the concept and general cards came from her tutorial.

I cut all of the flowers and stems out using the Cricut (Flower Shoppe Catridge) however they could have easily been drawn out by hand and fussy cut. I used four different size flowers ranging from 1.5" to .75" and layered most of them.

The hardest part about the whole project where inking and curling all of those flowers in order to achieve that beautiful "real" flower look. After I had all of the flowers cut out I took some red ink and dabbed around the edges and then I took my trusty 3-piece clay tool set and worked my magic. I used the ball ended tool to work and loosen the paper fibers and then I used the blunt pointed tool to curl in each petal. I then layered most of them and added a sequin to the center. It's a lot of tedious work, but it's well worth it. 

Another easy added touch is to add designer paper to the outside flap of the envelope. This is a great technique, which takes very little effort, and makes the whole project come together so well.

I hope you enjoyed the cards today. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here Monday for some superhero fun! 

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