Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Triple Stamp Tutorial

As promised I have a triple stamp card tutorial to show to you today. I'm still working on getting video tutorials together so for now you just have to trust and follow along my post.

These cards are really easy to put together and require two pieces of cardstock, one for the mat and one for the layer. For the example below I used purple for my base/matted layer and I used yellow for my stamped layer. Now, when you are picking out colors make sure to keep your stamped layer a neutral or lighter color so that you can see your stamped images on them.

So how exactly do you achieve this triple layer stamped look? Well you first start off with some cut measurements and when using a standard A2 card (4.25x5.5) you will use the following measurements. 
  • Neutral Stamped Layer : 
    • 4 X 5.25 - this is your largest bottom layer
    • 3 X 4.25 - this will be your middle layer
    • 2 X 3.25 this will be your top/smallest layer. 
  • Base or Matted Layer:
    • 8.5 X 5.5 - This is your standard A2 card fold and will be the base of your card. Please make sure to score and fold this into a 4.25X5.5 card. 
    • 3.25 X 4.5 - This is your middle layer
    • 2.25 X 3.5 - This of course is your top matted layer (remember I used purple above.) 
Notice something?? It's easy to create the layers you simply step down (or up) in the same size every layer. To make things easy I chose to move 1" at a time, 4 to 3 to 2 or 5.25 to 4.25 to 3.25. This ensures that my layers will be equal and proportionate. This also makes it easy if you want to get fancy and make a different sized card (4x4, 6x6, 5x7, ect...whatever size you want!!) 

Now after you have your paper cut out to size you will take your neutral/stamped layer and you will lay them on top of each other with no matted layer. So in my case I laid all of my yellow layers down together on top of each other. It is important that you do not add your matted layer to this step or the outcome will look funny. After you have all of your neutrals on top of each other (you can add a little sticky tape to make sure they don't move) you then get out your favorite stamp and stamp away. The stamping can be as random as you would like it to be. 

Important notes: If adding sticky tape please make sure it will not destroy your paper when you peel the layers apart to add the mat. I usually take my tape runner and tape the back a little in the middle then I dab it off with my fingers which helps to remove some of the sticky. 

After you have all of your layers stamped and beautiful you can then take them apart (gently) and add your corresponding matted background paper to each one - in my case above it was the purple layer. Then viola! You have a matted triple stamped card and can accessorize until your hearts content. 

This is an example I did where I played around with the orientation of the paper. However you choose to lay your paper down make sure you stamp it the same way so your images will line up.

With this one I got out the Cricut and I decided to cut some fancy shapes (instead of just rectangles) and again used the same technique and layered them all together. This could also work with dies. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment or to join us over at our facebook page. 

Practice, Enjoy, and get Creative! 

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