Friday, February 6, 2015

Quick Valentines Day Cards

Hey Guys! I have been so busy making cards and trying to get organized this week that I missed a post yesterday. Oh yea, and in the midst of all of my chaos my new kitchen decided to spring a couple of different leaks. Yes, you heard correctly a couple of leaks!! Welcome to home ownership!! No worries though because everything is under control and no longer wet!

So with that, I have a quick little post for you today, then back to work for me. Today I wanted to share some Valentine's Day cards for everyone to take a peak at and hopefully get inspired by. I know I was never big on Valentine's Day, but seriously a card is the best thing to give to those you love on this crazy little holiday.

So here we go.

The first card I made is a simple design to follow and starts us off with designer paper cut 1/4" smaller than your card base. I then used my Cricut to cut out the I <3 U - which frankly was just me being lazy because that would not be a hard design to free hand. All of the paper came from the same paper pack, which allows me to put little effort into color schemes. I decided on a somewhat solid color on the blocks because the other two papers were rather busy. I then added a slight embellishment on the bottom with that fancy gold tape.

The next card is a design I picked up from somewhere else, I apologize but I forget who. This is a great design for using a number of your scraps. Again with this design I was playing around with all of the different Cricut hearts I have in my library and I was using my left over scraps. I kept the card pretty basic and simple and decided to add some red twin and red faux stitching around the outer edge. I simply love the kraft brown and that red.The top brown layer with the hearts is propped up on 3-D foam tape which helps support the ribbon or twine which is wrapped around the layer. 

Finally I have a Valentine's Day card with what seems to be my favorite kinetic cut this week. This one is a Spinner card and a fun and easy tutorial on how to put this beauty together can be found here. For embellishments I used some glitter paper. This card is a nice, easy, and clean card to follow -which I love. 


So there you have it, three easy Valentine's Day cards that you can make in a matter of minutes. Thanks for stopping by today and I look forward to meeting you back here next week for some pocket scrapbooking, challenges, and a new waterfall card. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. 

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