Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to stay on top of Project Life Albums

This is a post which I will have up on the Bimini Moose blog and I am going to post it over here as well because I am new to Project Life and I think anyone can benefit from it.

I have been scrapbooking for many many years and I completely understand the whole, "OMG I need to run out and get pictures printed so I can finish the scrapbook pages from 3 months ago" Everyone who scrapbooks goes through this and everyone has been behind. But hold still before you throw in the towel because I am here to help you stay on track with these simple tips.

First and foremost, my number one thing for you to do to stay on top of the PL album is to commit to a PL Challenge blog like Bimini Moose. Head right on over to the side bar and submit your email so that you receive the posts by email. This will help to ensure that you get a page done at the very least once every two weeks, which is not asking too much. Plus subscribing by email helps you learn new tips and tricks when the DT team post informational articles or helps you get inspired by seeing how others design their pages. This is my number one tip because blogs help form small groups or communities that have a common goal and sometimes we all need a little push by another to stay motivated. Plus it's always fun to throw in an optional twist here and there to keep things interesting and Bimini Moose does just that.

The next step I have in our staying on track process is to take lots of photographs. Take photos of your food, your pets, the weather, your kids, yourself, anything and everything. Now this does not mean that you need to get every photo printed, but it does mean that at the end of the week or bi-monthly, or at least every month you will have plenty of themes and options which in turn will make it easy for you to create pages.

Also, a lot of people are like "Hey Jen, I have no pets, no kids, and my life is too boring to document!!" and to that I say nonsense! Again there's always food and weather to take photos of. No, I'm kinda kidding on that one. If you are truly stuck on what to take photos of there are plenty of lists floating around the internet that give you options and ideas. For example, Creating Keepsakes has this wonderful printable called "10 Can't Miss Photos" and you can simply print this off and wa-lah you have all the photos for your whole monthly spread.

The next tip I have for you is to take five minutes at the end of the night and write some things down in your journal. Write down the highlights of your day, make a list of what your favorite moments were, and by default if there is nothing else to write down write down the basics - weather and location. This journal will help you at the end of the week when you sit down to complete your spread - simply look in your journal and put the highlights onto your page. 

Finally, and going along with tip number one, make a plan. Decide how often you would like to make pages (monthly, weekly, daily) and then take it a step further by deciding how and when you are going to print out your pictures. Of course once you have this plan figured out write it down to help enforce it then follow through with it. I, for example, choose to sit down every Sunday and print out my pictures at home and make my page right there. This helps me keep up to date and it helps me to recap the week. PL does not have to be an everyday thing, or even an every weekly thing, but you do have to commit to a dedicated time block in order to achieve anything.

A lot of people can make pages but find it hard to print photos and if you are one of these people then make and write down the plan. Maybe you go shopping and run errands every Thursday, then make Thursday the day that you print out your photos. Or maybe you take photos on your phone and you have a lovely app where you can send your photos straight to the photo lab and then you can just swing by and pick them up. Maybe you enjoy sitting down and printing photos at home, then make every Sunday afternoon your photo day. There are plenty of options you just have to sit down and figure out the one that works best for you. 

We are all new on the PL scene and we are all here to help each other stay on track. If you need more organization tips make sure to check out Bimini Moose's getting organized posts to help you stay free and clear and on the right track to finish up that gorgeous album this year! Remember taking 10 minutes to write down your plan can not only help you stay on track but it can also make the time you commit to PL more organized and more successful. Thanks for stopping in and I hope this post helps you find a plan that works for you.