Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Balancing the PL Layouts

Welcome back! Today I wanted to share a PL layout that I finished up over the weekend. Last week I had a chance to play around with some words and dies, I also had a lot of fun, frustration, time to learn how to properly balance the page out, and with the little time I had left I created some of my own filler cards.

First up, balancing.

Balancing on a page is such a crucial step in making everything flow and allowing the onlooker to simply glance at the layout with ease. In humans the sense of balance is innate, simply look at the human body, a scale, a car, ect... When things are unbalanced our brains take a little longer to adjust which creates more work for us, which in turn is the least favorable outcome. Lucky for us though, balance is an easy thing to achieve  when you remember one easy slogan, "do as to one what you do to the other." So for example, if there's red on one side, put red on the other. If there's photos in the upper right put photos (or something of equal weight) on the bottom left.

Another big PL accomplishment I had this week was having a chance to mess around with some photo editing software and to make some photo collages. I am fortunate enough to always have more than enough photos to use on my layouts which can sometimes lead to trouble because you only have "x" amount of space. 

The main photo editing program I use is PicMonkey, which is a free online tool. This easy to use program offers a lot and you can not only edit in there but you can also make your collage right in the same program - talk about one stop shopping. 

I apologize for the slight slant in the photo...bad angle.
Here is a closeup of some more of those dies and words that I cut out. I cut out the little hearts, not the PL card.

I also played with my ow filler cards. The red one was left blank as a reminder of what it's like to live in Upstate NY during February and the yellow one is my journaling card.


Well there you have it my PL layout for the week. I hope that I inspired you to get creative. As always make sure to stop back in for more PL tips, layouts, and challenges.