Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fusion Challenge Get Well Card

Welcome back! Over this past weekend we had my son's 4th birthday party and it feels like I have been playing catch up all week. For today's card I got my inspiration from the Fusion Card Challenge this week, but I unfortunately was too slow at getting the card photographed and ready for submission that the end date has come and gone. Never the less Fusion is a great challenge blog and I am going to showcase my card to you guys anyway.

I like the fusion challenge blog because you have options! Either the picture, the sketch, or both if you really need some inspiration or cannot decide which you like better. While this sketch looked like a lot of fun to play with, I am a huge fan of those colors on the left and decided to go with the photo. 

My inspiration came from that beautiful Tiffany blue wallpaper with the really cool design. I am not sure if it's because we recently bought an older house (with a ton of wallpaper) or if it was the simple beauty but that's what pulled my attention so I ran with it. On my card front I used a background cut in Design Space and tried to mimic that wallpaper feel. I adored the colors in the photo so instead of taking that beautiful blue I kept with the brown theme. 

I pulled that same color scheme to the inside of the card and have had a lot of requests for get well cards so I decided to add a simple sentiment to the inside. The patterned paper and the sentiment both come from a CTMH paper pack from last spring that I had laying around. The rest of the papers are from my stash.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for some more inspiration. 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tri-Shutter Thank You Card

Welcome back and I hope you are enjoying our Project Life series here and over at Bimini 
Moose. Today I will switch gears a little bit and post a tri-shutter card for you. These are fun little fancy fold cards to make that take a little bit of patience, but are great to give as gifts or even to showcase for yourself.

I bought a paper pack a while ago and I am just now getting into the Spring theme, so I decided to pull it out and play around. All of the papers, flowers, and sentiments come from that same pack. The outside of the card (shown above) folds into a standard 4.25x5.5" A2 card and then comes the fancy part...

It opens up into a tri-shutter card!! These cards are so neat to play with because the folds are all opposite so you can get quite creative with your paper. I always leave one of the inside middle spots open so the sender can leave a personal message. 

I hope you enjoyed the card today! I have some challenges that I am taking part in for the rest of the week so make sure to stay tuned to see what I can come up with in a challenge setting. 

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“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” ― Pablo Picasso 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Balancing the PL Layouts

Welcome back! Today I wanted to share a PL layout that I finished up over the weekend. Last week I had a chance to play around with some words and dies, I also had a lot of fun, frustration, time to learn how to properly balance the page out, and with the little time I had left I created some of my own filler cards.

First up, balancing.

Balancing on a page is such a crucial step in making everything flow and allowing the onlooker to simply glance at the layout with ease. In humans the sense of balance is innate, simply look at the human body, a scale, a car, ect... When things are unbalanced our brains take a little longer to adjust which creates more work for us, which in turn is the least favorable outcome. Lucky for us though, balance is an easy thing to achieve  when you remember one easy slogan, "do as to one what you do to the other." So for example, if there's red on one side, put red on the other. If there's photos in the upper right put photos (or something of equal weight) on the bottom left.

Another big PL accomplishment I had this week was having a chance to mess around with some photo editing software and to make some photo collages. I am fortunate enough to always have more than enough photos to use on my layouts which can sometimes lead to trouble because you only have "x" amount of space. 

The main photo editing program I use is PicMonkey, which is a free online tool. This easy to use program offers a lot and you can not only edit in there but you can also make your collage right in the same program - talk about one stop shopping. 

I apologize for the slight slant in the photo...bad angle.
Here is a closeup of some more of those dies and words that I cut out. I cut out the little hearts, not the PL card.

I also played with my ow filler cards. The red one was left blank as a reminder of what it's like to live in Upstate NY during February and the yellow one is my journaling card.


Well there you have it my PL layout for the week. I hope that I inspired you to get creative. As always make sure to stop back in for more PL tips, layouts, and challenges.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Flower Card

You can tell when New Yorker's hit that mid-February point where everyone is done with the negative temperatures and the snow and we are loosing patience on waiting for Spring to arrive. If you don't know, it's when everyone gets a little antsy and starts making a ton of Spring and flower cards ;)  and my card for you today proves that.

Today I have a wonderful Spring card to share with you that would be great for a Everyday occasion or to simply warm someone up.

I used a yellow card base and I carefully (and with skill) cut out those daisy's using my Cricut Explore. I then decided to take it a step further and place small little gems into the center to make them really pop. To add my finishing touches I tied some blue and white twine around the card front and tied a button onto the top.

I love this design and how it keeps to a clean and simple feel, but is still elegant. I wanted to keep the colors gender neutral because my mind goes crazy when I see too many pink and purple flowers so I went with that beautiful sunshine yellow (remember I said negative I am really hoping for warm sun soon.) I then decided on blue based on the twine colors which I had available. I then inked my sentiment on white card stock and adhered it to the inside. To give the inside more appeal I inked slightly around the edges of my sentiment block.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coffee and Donuts Card, Creative Knockouts Challenge

Welcome to another Creative Knockouts Challenge! This week's theme is spots and dots, which is one of my favorite patterns, so make sure to head on over to the blog and submit your creations. The sponsor this week is Drawn with Character and they have some amazing and completely adorable digi's so make sure take a look. Also, don't forget that in this challenge the sponsor gives the winner a prize and this week the generous sponsor is giving away Three digi's! So this is definitely a challenge you don't want to miss.

As I said I have a lot of fun playing around with spots and dots and this week we were provided with beautiful images to add to that theme and this is what I came up with.

I simply love that digi and there were so many things that I wanted to make with it, but I decided to stay simple and a little bit in the love mood. I love the design that I used and the layout of that brown polka dotted paper. I also love the coffee and donuts!! How stinkin' cute! ...and original! 

So there you have it another Thursday and another challenge. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back for some more creative love.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to stay on top of Project Life Albums

This is a post which I will have up on the Bimini Moose blog and I am going to post it over here as well because I am new to Project Life and I think anyone can benefit from it.

I have been scrapbooking for many many years and I completely understand the whole, "OMG I need to run out and get pictures printed so I can finish the scrapbook pages from 3 months ago" Everyone who scrapbooks goes through this and everyone has been behind. But hold still before you throw in the towel because I am here to help you stay on track with these simple tips.

First and foremost, my number one thing for you to do to stay on top of the PL album is to commit to a PL Challenge blog like Bimini Moose. Head right on over to the side bar and submit your email so that you receive the posts by email. This will help to ensure that you get a page done at the very least once every two weeks, which is not asking too much. Plus subscribing by email helps you learn new tips and tricks when the DT team post informational articles or helps you get inspired by seeing how others design their pages. This is my number one tip because blogs help form small groups or communities that have a common goal and sometimes we all need a little push by another to stay motivated. Plus it's always fun to throw in an optional twist here and there to keep things interesting and Bimini Moose does just that.

The next step I have in our staying on track process is to take lots of photographs. Take photos of your food, your pets, the weather, your kids, yourself, anything and everything. Now this does not mean that you need to get every photo printed, but it does mean that at the end of the week or bi-monthly, or at least every month you will have plenty of themes and options which in turn will make it easy for you to create pages.

Also, a lot of people are like "Hey Jen, I have no pets, no kids, and my life is too boring to document!!" and to that I say nonsense! Again there's always food and weather to take photos of. No, I'm kinda kidding on that one. If you are truly stuck on what to take photos of there are plenty of lists floating around the internet that give you options and ideas. For example, Creating Keepsakes has this wonderful printable called "10 Can't Miss Photos" and you can simply print this off and wa-lah you have all the photos for your whole monthly spread.

The next tip I have for you is to take five minutes at the end of the night and write some things down in your journal. Write down the highlights of your day, make a list of what your favorite moments were, and by default if there is nothing else to write down write down the basics - weather and location. This journal will help you at the end of the week when you sit down to complete your spread - simply look in your journal and put the highlights onto your page. 

Finally, and going along with tip number one, make a plan. Decide how often you would like to make pages (monthly, weekly, daily) and then take it a step further by deciding how and when you are going to print out your pictures. Of course once you have this plan figured out write it down to help enforce it then follow through with it. I, for example, choose to sit down every Sunday and print out my pictures at home and make my page right there. This helps me keep up to date and it helps me to recap the week. PL does not have to be an everyday thing, or even an every weekly thing, but you do have to commit to a dedicated time block in order to achieve anything.

A lot of people can make pages but find it hard to print photos and if you are one of these people then make and write down the plan. Maybe you go shopping and run errands every Thursday, then make Thursday the day that you print out your photos. Or maybe you take photos on your phone and you have a lovely app where you can send your photos straight to the photo lab and then you can just swing by and pick them up. Maybe you enjoy sitting down and printing photos at home, then make every Sunday afternoon your photo day. There are plenty of options you just have to sit down and figure out the one that works best for you. 

We are all new on the PL scene and we are all here to help each other stay on track. If you need more organization tips make sure to check out Bimini Moose's getting organized posts to help you stay free and clear and on the right track to finish up that gorgeous album this year! Remember taking 10 minutes to write down your plan can not only help you stay on track but it can also make the time you commit to PL more organized and more successful. Thanks for stopping in and I hope this post helps you find a plan that works for you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bimini Moose Project Life Challenge - Early February

Welcome to another Tuesday and another Bimini Moose Project Life Challenge. As the weeks go by I can see how this easy style of scrapbooking can become very addicting. I am beginning to love putting together the easy pages and I am learning new tips and tricks every time. It's great!

So for this week we are doing an Anything Goes layout, and I promise you the design team members have put together some amazing layouts so head on over and take a quick peak. Just to recap this is an amazing blog for new and experienced scrapbookers with bi-monthly challenges related to Project Life.

My layout this week is still pretty simple, again still learning but loving it, and this week I am showcasing my 4 year old and my 4 month old.. man how I love these boys!

This is a slightly different layout from last week. This week I tried playing around a little bit more with the handwritten labels. I also added some of my son's wonderful art work - which is that faint pink in the middle right. Artwork, tickets, maps, memorabilia, ect.. are all excellent ways to fill in those pockets. 

Nice, quick, and easy. Make sure to hop on over to Bimini Moose and join in with our PL challenge. Also stay tuned this week because I have some wonderful tips on how to keep organized with PL so you can complete you own album this year.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, February 16, 2015

C&S Thank You Cards

I belong to a swap group on facebook and I think it's wonderful to see so many creations and to have a pen pal that you exchange cards with every month. The group also hosts challenges and different themes so it's nice to help expand your creativity. I mention that because these cards are for that group. We were challenged to make single layer thank you cards to exchange with our partners.

So with a little thought and some colorful inspiration these are the cards I came up with.

These cards were a little bit of a challenge for me and I did not quite realize it until I sat down to make them. You see, most of my cards have many layers and typically they contain a die cut or two....but these ones could not.

I love how they turned out though. The clean and simple design, but yet all those colors!! I hope you enjoyed. Make sure to stop back in tomorrow for a PL challenge! 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Waterfall Card Tutorial

I have been really crazy about these waterfall cards lately and I wanted to show you one. I'm not sure if the obsession comes from the fact that they are so easy to make or from the fact that they are so much fun to play with and my preschooler simply wont put them down.

These are really easy cards to make starting with your basic A2 card base (4.25x5.5). I will talk a little bit about that middle strip because that's where all the magic happens. The whole yellow vertical strip is cut to 2"x9" and then it is scored horizontally at 2", 2.75", 3.5", and 4.25". These score marks will not only be your guideline but will also help the card become kinetic.

For the images on the front I stamped onto white cardstock which measures 1.75"x1.75" and then matted these onto yellow cardstock which measures 2"x2". I then took all four of these little squares and I placed adhesive (double sided tape is the best) across the top then I stuck them onto each score line. When you fold the 2"x9" strip over make sure the back is longer than the front so you can pull and that you glue the front down to that horizontal 1"x4.25" strip. I also put brads in that horizontal strip just to provide extra support.
This is what your card should look like when lying flat. 

So there you have it. A nice and easy waterfall card to add a little more fun to your life.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Creative Knockouts - Fred She Said Digital

Thanks for stopping back in and welcome to my first Creative Knockouts Design Team challenge post. First things first, a little about Creative Knockouts which is a challenge blog which posts every Thursday. The challenges are anything goes (scrapbook, altered item, card, ect...) as long as you follow the theme and also create a new project. This is also a cool blog because the winner gets a prize!! I'm not too sure about all of you, but I always love getting freebies.

Moving right along to this week where the theme is Floral Delight. This simply means that your projects must have flowers somewhere on them. You're lucky because this week also has a great sponsor, Fred She Said Designs, which not only offers stamps but also offers cutting files (including free ones) so please make sure to stop on over and take a peek at what they offer.

Ok, now onto my card. Again I am still working on getting my coloring skills up to par but I believe I am doing a lot better, so here it is.

For this card I used the Growing Together  Digi from Fred She Said and I simply love it. I picked this stamp because it is very versatile and the pieces can be easily joined together or they can make some wonderful designs standing alone. 

Technique alert!! I love this inked sky technique and it is so easy and great for the upcoming Spring season. For the blue sky I used a piece of scrap paper with scalloped edges and I simply inked the outline with a sponge dauber. A little tip when doing this is to move your dauber up and down around the outside of the stencil (or scrap paper turned into stencil.) I also make sure to always start with my dauber on the scrap paper because the first placement will always leave the darkest smudge. 

So there you have it. Please make sure to stop over to Fred She Said and take a look at their fabulous designs and also stop by Creative Knockouts to see what the other design team members have created and of course to link up your floral creation. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today, Tomorrow, & Always Cards

Today I have some wonderful Love/Wedding cards to share. I created these cards using the Divine Wedding Cricut Cartridge and wanted to show you how easy it is to create a secondary card with your spare parts or negative pieces.

As you can see these two cards are similar, but yet different. The white card base has the left over pieces from the black base's cut - or more commonly referred to the negative. This effect is very easy to achieve you just have to be careful when you pull the cut off from your mat to ensure that you collect all of the little pieces and that you do not rip any part of the paper. 

I used this same technique for the inside of the cards. The one on the left is the insides - negative of the one on the right.  

This is a nice and easy technique to use when you have to make a group of cards or even if you are like me and frugal with you supplies.

Make sure to join me back here tomorrow for my very first DT post for Creative Knockouts!! I can't wait.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I'd Rather Have Chocolate Card

Welcome to another Tuesday which means that Pause, Dream, and Enjoy is hosting another Linky Party. This week's challenge is right up my alley because the theme is Sweet Treats!!

A while back I received a package from my Aunt which contained a number of different scrapbooking supplies (it was actually quite awesome and such a lovely thing for her to do) and anyway in that package was this great stamp set which I have decided to debut for this challenge.

Look, is that not one of the best stamps you have seen in a while!! As you can see, I also have been working really hard at getting my coloring techniques back on par. It was one of my favorite things to do when I was little and I have not done it in a while so I am a little rusty. I also do not have copic markers and I refuse to buy them until I can color with what I have, so needless to say you will be seeing a lot more digital's from me. 

The markers I used on this project are a mixture of the Sakura Souffle's, Martha Stewart's Pigment Glitter markers, and some classic gel pens. The digital cut was a free cut this week and was from PrettyGrafikdesign. 

Well that's what I have for today so make sure to head on over to PDE and link up to their wonderful anything goes challenge. 

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Thumper's Cutie Pie Card

Happy Monday and welcome back. Today I have a wonderful new cartridge to share with you, and of course the card that goes with it. A while back when Joanne's Fabric Store was having an awesome sale I was able to snag up a couple of Disney Cartridges on the cheap and Disney Classic happened to be one of them. This cartridge is so much fun and showcases great classic movie characters like Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Bambi.

I started this card off with that orange designer paper and I figured who better to put on it than Thumper. I wanted to make Thumper the focal point of the card so I made him a bit bigger and boy let me tell you about all of those small little pieces that I had to piece together. The flower was a separate cut and was much easier so I had time to embellish it with a little gem. The grass is also pieced together, and as I have mentioned in the past I like to keep this on hand in my stash because you never know when a little grass will make or break your card.

So, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning all about Thumper. Please make sure to stop back tomorrow because I have a Pause, Dream, Enjoy challenge project to share.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Quick Valentines Day Cards

Hey Guys! I have been so busy making cards and trying to get organized this week that I missed a post yesterday. Oh yea, and in the midst of all of my chaos my new kitchen decided to spring a couple of different leaks. Yes, you heard correctly a couple of leaks!! Welcome to home ownership!! No worries though because everything is under control and no longer wet!

So with that, I have a quick little post for you today, then back to work for me. Today I wanted to share some Valentine's Day cards for everyone to take a peak at and hopefully get inspired by. I know I was never big on Valentine's Day, but seriously a card is the best thing to give to those you love on this crazy little holiday.

So here we go.

The first card I made is a simple design to follow and starts us off with designer paper cut 1/4" smaller than your card base. I then used my Cricut to cut out the I <3 U - which frankly was just me being lazy because that would not be a hard design to free hand. All of the paper came from the same paper pack, which allows me to put little effort into color schemes. I decided on a somewhat solid color on the blocks because the other two papers were rather busy. I then added a slight embellishment on the bottom with that fancy gold tape.

The next card is a design I picked up from somewhere else, I apologize but I forget who. This is a great design for using a number of your scraps. Again with this design I was playing around with all of the different Cricut hearts I have in my library and I was using my left over scraps. I kept the card pretty basic and simple and decided to add some red twin and red faux stitching around the outer edge. I simply love the kraft brown and that red.The top brown layer with the hearts is propped up on 3-D foam tape which helps support the ribbon or twine which is wrapped around the layer. 

Finally I have a Valentine's Day card with what seems to be my favorite kinetic cut this week. This one is a Spinner card and a fun and easy tutorial on how to put this beauty together can be found here. For embellishments I used some glitter paper. This card is a nice, easy, and clean card to follow -which I love. 


So there you have it, three easy Valentine's Day cards that you can make in a matter of minutes. Thanks for stopping by today and I look forward to meeting you back here next week for some pocket scrapbooking, challenges, and a new waterfall card. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Triple Stamp Tutorial

As promised I have a triple stamp card tutorial to show to you today. I'm still working on getting video tutorials together so for now you just have to trust and follow along my post.

These cards are really easy to put together and require two pieces of cardstock, one for the mat and one for the layer. For the example below I used purple for my base/matted layer and I used yellow for my stamped layer. Now, when you are picking out colors make sure to keep your stamped layer a neutral or lighter color so that you can see your stamped images on them.

So how exactly do you achieve this triple layer stamped look? Well you first start off with some cut measurements and when using a standard A2 card (4.25x5.5) you will use the following measurements. 
  • Neutral Stamped Layer : 
    • 4 X 5.25 - this is your largest bottom layer
    • 3 X 4.25 - this will be your middle layer
    • 2 X 3.25 this will be your top/smallest layer. 
  • Base or Matted Layer:
    • 8.5 X 5.5 - This is your standard A2 card fold and will be the base of your card. Please make sure to score and fold this into a 4.25X5.5 card. 
    • 3.25 X 4.5 - This is your middle layer
    • 2.25 X 3.5 - This of course is your top matted layer (remember I used purple above.) 
Notice something?? It's easy to create the layers you simply step down (or up) in the same size every layer. To make things easy I chose to move 1" at a time, 4 to 3 to 2 or 5.25 to 4.25 to 3.25. This ensures that my layers will be equal and proportionate. This also makes it easy if you want to get fancy and make a different sized card (4x4, 6x6, 5x7, ect...whatever size you want!!) 

Now after you have your paper cut out to size you will take your neutral/stamped layer and you will lay them on top of each other with no matted layer. So in my case I laid all of my yellow layers down together on top of each other. It is important that you do not add your matted layer to this step or the outcome will look funny. After you have all of your neutrals on top of each other (you can add a little sticky tape to make sure they don't move) you then get out your favorite stamp and stamp away. The stamping can be as random as you would like it to be. 

Important notes: If adding sticky tape please make sure it will not destroy your paper when you peel the layers apart to add the mat. I usually take my tape runner and tape the back a little in the middle then I dab it off with my fingers which helps to remove some of the sticky. 

After you have all of your layers stamped and beautiful you can then take them apart (gently) and add your corresponding matted background paper to each one - in my case above it was the purple layer. Then viola! You have a matted triple stamped card and can accessorize until your hearts content. 

This is an example I did where I played around with the orientation of the paper. However you choose to lay your paper down make sure you stamp it the same way so your images will line up.

With this one I got out the Cricut and I decided to cut some fancy shapes (instead of just rectangles) and again used the same technique and layered them all together. This could also work with dies. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment or to join us over at our facebook page. 

Practice, Enjoy, and get Creative! 

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