Monday, January 26, 2015

Serenity, Courage, and Peace Card

It's been a while since I have done a sympathy card so I wanted to show you one I did a couple of weeks ago. I apologize for having to play catch up a little bit but I can assure you I have plenty of things to show you.. in fact if you stay tuned I will show you two cards today (simply because I appreciate your company.) 

The picture on this one got a little screwed up. The bottom and top layers are both whisper white and in person are in fact the same color.. not that ugly grayish color that the pictures tricks you into seeing.

This card is a basic A2 card with the top three layers cut 1/4" smaller then separated and put on the base using 3-D foam adhesive. When making cards I typically cut the top layer 1/4" smaller for a couple of different reasons. The first reason is because 1/4" is an easy number to work with ( I was never good at math and .25 is easy to add and subtract). The second reason is that 1/4" gives that bottom layer enough room to peek through on all sides. Since this is a simple and clean card I wanted to make those top layers pop up a little to give the card some more interest.

Looking back and moving forward I would have centered the "courage" or kept all the sayings on one side.. but with first drafts there is always room for improvement. I simply love how clean and muted this design is making it perfect for sympathy.

OK, and as promised, I will show you another/newer card for today. Next up I have a friendship card to share with you.

The inspiration for this card came from "365 days of cards" which is a book I have had forever and highly recommend for those in need of a little more inspiration. 

For this card I cut the blue striped paper (from CTMH) and the white at the same size which is 1/2" smaller than the A2 base (1/2" because I messed up on the cut - typically it would be 1/4".) The white piece is simply an 1" because I just needed a little peaking out and I am very frugal with my products.

I then wrapped the brown fabric (also from CTMH) around the top and adhered the button, which has some twine wrapped through it. I find it easier to use Elmer's glue spots when attaching buttons or other heavy elements because they seem to stick and hold better. 

I cut the circle out freehand and then stamped it and adhered it to the card with the wonderful 3-D foam squares. I then cut out the "friend" using my cricut and attached it to the bottom using a spray adhesive. I used faux stitching around the border to give the card a more polished look but to keep the work to a minimum. My advice on faux stitching is to get a stitching template and punch the actual holes then go through with your marker. 

Of course I brought the outside in. Using that same blue I stamped a lovely little friendship verse. I love this stamp and I have many friends that are spread across the country so I figured the sentiment would fit this card rather nicely.  

So I hope you enjoyed your 2-for-1 and thanks for letting me catch up a little bit. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a new Link Party at PDE and later this week for some wonderful spinner cards and tutorials.

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