Friday, January 30, 2015

Foxy Cards

Happy Friday! We made it through another week and I shared so many cards with you this week. I hope you enjoyed checking out all of the different designs you can create with just one simple stamp set. For today I have the final Foxy cards to share with you. 

The white "Thinking of you" one is one of my favorite. If you follow the blog at all you know that I am a very clean and simple designer and this card speaks to me and to that. I made sure to leave a lot of white space because I wanted the solitude effect to come out in the card. 

The patterned thinking of you card was a little "messier" making sure that I inked around the edges to give the card more of a rustic look. I love the look of turning the edges of paper, I have no idea why I just do.  

Now with these ones I went a little more traditional. The one with the heart was made by simply using the left overs from a die cut... I know how frygal right!? I think it looks like a Polaroid and this could be used in so many different ways.  

Again very simple designs to follow. I always like to add a little ribbon, buttons, or bling for the final output. The more you play with your tools and paper the easier it will all become. Remember first design, then choose all your ingredients, then add embellishments. 

So that's all for my foxy set. I hope you enjoyed, were inspired, and maybe even learned a thing or two. Please have a safe and wonderful weekend (go Seahawks!!!!) and don't forget to come back here next week for some Project Life, Challenges, and maybe even a page layout! 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Days Spinner Tutorial

So as promised I have a card and a tutorial to share with you today from my lovely Friday night crop. I am part of the "Paper Crafter's Swaps & Such" group on facebook and Theresa (the moderator) put on a fabulous virtual crop on Friday night and I had such a blast. The theme of the night was spinners which are easy kinetic cards that I failed at once and was very hesitant to try again. I am so glad this was the theme of the night because these cards are SO SUPER EASY to put together and they are so so so much fun when finished. 

This card is a 4x4 because one of the recommendations was to make a special sized card and quite frankly a spinner card does not need to have any certain size restrictions and can be made using any sized card you have on hand or you prefer.

So in order to make a spinner card you will need 3-D foam adhesive, a few layers of card stock, two pennies, and your focal item (here it's the spinner.)

  1. Cut your top layer(s) to the proper size. I typically cut my layer 1/4" smaller than the base so the base color can peek around the edges. I also use two top layers with slider cards because I feel as though it creates a sturdier top.
  2. Take your top layer and punch or cut out a slider layer. The important thing to remember is to make sure your slot will slide your 3-D foam adhesive (so it needs to be slightly larger.) The easiest way to achieve this is to punch it with a paper punch tool or to cut it with your die cutting machine. I have a stencil that is made to assist when cutting with an exacto knife which works. I do not recommend cutting with an exacto knife unless you are familiar with them because this is the hardest way to create this slot, but if you are pressed on money then this way will work. 
  3. After you have your slot cut out of your top layer you need to get your focal piece and adhere it to a penny, for this part I use my tape runner to make sure the piece sticks to that dirty little penny. On the other side of the penny you need to attach a piece of 3-D foam adhesive.  I always try to use 3-D foam circles because they are the easiest to slide back and forth.. a square just naturally does not slide, but with a little effort you can get a square to work. The foam will be the thing that slides in the slot. On the other side of the paper and the foam you need to attach that second penny so the item has weight to slide. So the layers on this go focal point on outside, then penny, foam - in slot, then second penny (like a sandwich). 
If you are more of a visual person I have a wonderful video from Dawn where she will walk you through the steps above. I promise you that one day I will perfect video tutorials, but for now I love how this one walks you through it easy peasy. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foxy I love you Cards

Continuing the theme of the week I will showcase three cards for you today. I know this is your lucky week, who doesn't love seeing more than one design per day!! 

I have a friend who adores foxes so I made her a batch of foxy cards and I want to show you all of them without getting too far behind, which is why I am showcasing more than one per day. The stamp set and all of the sentiment stamps come from CTMH "wild about love" stamp set - which was the stamp of the month last year in February. The paper also comes from their paper stacks from last spring. 

The cards I am showcasing are mainly about the design, so no worries if you do not have this stamps/paper because you can easily substitute any products to get the same look. I used multiple easy designs so I could make a batch of cards with a similar theme while also ensuring each card looked unique. If you take away the embellishments you are left with the basic designs which you can flip in your own products for. Pretty Easy right?! 

I did want to make a note that for the pink "Hey Foxy" card above I cut two square pieces of white card stock, then stamped the images, then added it to the floral paper which is and easy way to add a window look to the card. 

Again, I used the same stamp set throughout all three cards I just switched up the basic design. I think that the "Wild Thing" card is my favorite out of the batch (but it's very hard to choose just one.) This design is so easy to duplicate yet it looks like it took some time. The grass on the bottom was cut using the Cricut basic shapes and would be very easy to free hand if you needed to. I like to keep extra "grass" in my stash because it's such a small item that always adds a huge effect. 

I hope you enjoyed the cards today. I will be back tomorrow with a spinner card tutorial which requires some 3-D foam tape and a couple of pennies, so make sure to come back and check in.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Merry Christmas Scrapbook Catchup

I had a chance to catch up on some scrap booking this weekend which just happened to fit in perfectly with the Pause, Dream, Enjoy Challenge for this week I love when two things come together so well.

So for starters here is the challenge link and the theme this week is kids, which means somewhere on your projects you must have kids. Remember this challenge lasts for an entire week and anything goes so whether you want to scrapbook, ATC, make cards or 3-D projects as long as you have kids somewhere on it you are good to go.

I don't use a lot of kids on projects unless I am scrap booking so that is exactly where I went with this one.

I have been trying to catch up on my scrap booking from last year (I know crazy right!!) and so I threw together a Christmas layout and added a picture of my son on it - he's a kid so I figured it fit the theme. 

For this page I used the Christmas Cheer cartridge for the title and everything else is from my stash. I took that beautiful tree from a paper pack that I had and fussy cut it out. I then added a couple of embellishments since that background paper is pretty busy. 

I hope you enjoyed my page today and I hope you come back tomorrow and check out some more of the projects I completed at the crop this weekend. 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Serenity, Courage, and Peace Card

It's been a while since I have done a sympathy card so I wanted to show you one I did a couple of weeks ago. I apologize for having to play catch up a little bit but I can assure you I have plenty of things to show you.. in fact if you stay tuned I will show you two cards today (simply because I appreciate your company.) 

The picture on this one got a little screwed up. The bottom and top layers are both whisper white and in person are in fact the same color.. not that ugly grayish color that the pictures tricks you into seeing.

This card is a basic A2 card with the top three layers cut 1/4" smaller then separated and put on the base using 3-D foam adhesive. When making cards I typically cut the top layer 1/4" smaller for a couple of different reasons. The first reason is because 1/4" is an easy number to work with ( I was never good at math and .25 is easy to add and subtract). The second reason is that 1/4" gives that bottom layer enough room to peek through on all sides. Since this is a simple and clean card I wanted to make those top layers pop up a little to give the card some more interest.

Looking back and moving forward I would have centered the "courage" or kept all the sayings on one side.. but with first drafts there is always room for improvement. I simply love how clean and muted this design is making it perfect for sympathy.

OK, and as promised, I will show you another/newer card for today. Next up I have a friendship card to share with you.

The inspiration for this card came from "365 days of cards" which is a book I have had forever and highly recommend for those in need of a little more inspiration. 

For this card I cut the blue striped paper (from CTMH) and the white at the same size which is 1/2" smaller than the A2 base (1/2" because I messed up on the cut - typically it would be 1/4".) The white piece is simply an 1" because I just needed a little peaking out and I am very frugal with my products.

I then wrapped the brown fabric (also from CTMH) around the top and adhered the button, which has some twine wrapped through it. I find it easier to use Elmer's glue spots when attaching buttons or other heavy elements because they seem to stick and hold better. 

I cut the circle out freehand and then stamped it and adhered it to the card with the wonderful 3-D foam squares. I then cut out the "friend" using my cricut and attached it to the bottom using a spray adhesive. I used faux stitching around the border to give the card a more polished look but to keep the work to a minimum. My advice on faux stitching is to get a stitching template and punch the actual holes then go through with your marker. 

Of course I brought the outside in. Using that same blue I stamped a lovely little friendship verse. I love this stamp and I have many friends that are spread across the country so I figured the sentiment would fit this card rather nicely.  

So I hope you enjoyed your 2-for-1 and thanks for letting me catch up a little bit. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a new Link Party at PDE and later this week for some wonderful spinner cards and tutorials.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love You Beary Much Card

I have never really been one who gets all giddy over Valentine's Day ( I guess I am just not a romantic) or that was at least until I entered the card making world and decided to take a piece of this holiday on the other end. I slowly started making these cutesy, full of too much pink, red, and heart cards because they were just all around me and I could not resist. Now, a week later, I am ashamed to say that I am addicted to them!!! I love how easy they are to make and the outcome is just so damn cutesy that I can't help myself. :)

Today's card is no different, it's red and full of love, but I simply adore the saying and the bear so I had to share.

I am not that into coloring (yet that is) and think that most stamps are adorable with just the ink and background paper so I did not color this one in. All of the supplies came from my stash and I used the Mojo Monday sketch and the H2H birthday color challenge (Oct. = sunset) for the inspiration.

The papers are layered with a 1/4" difference between them and the accessories include that rose flower and some red twine wrapped under the sentiment. The twine could have gone above the sentiment which would have allowed it to pop a little more, but I was backwards and laid the twine prior to the sentiment (either way it works.) The bear was stamped using a masking technique where I took an equal sized circle and stamped through it onto the card stock. This technique helps to give your stamps a preferred shape, since most stamps are square and sometimes you just need a circle to match those lovely flowers.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by my work.

Make sure to stop into Heart to Heart (H2H) for the birthday challenge - I used CTMH Cranberry for my ink and my base layer and Mojo Monday for excellent sketch ideas, this was sketch #381.  

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Give-A-Way, Link Party, & 3-D stationary box!! Oh, My

Welcome back and let me start by apologizing for the miscommunication between my computer and blogger yesterday and for not announcing the new PDE link party on time like promised. I honestly am not sure what happened there..maybe user malfunction but I promise you I will get right to it.

Remember with the link parties you have one week to enter and anything goes as long as it follows the theme, which this week is anything 3-D. Just follow this link and it will send you right over to the page where you can check out the design team's projects and then at the bottom you can submit your own for a chance to be showcased.

To join two conversations into one, over on my facebook page I am currently running a challenge to see which one of my trusty followers can refer the most people to the page (I'm almost to 100!!) and to show appreciation I am giving away the project which I made for this weeks PDE challenge.

I found the directions for this box on the Split Coast Stampers website and I fell right in love with it. I think that this box makes an excellent present for anyone who likes to sit down and write out cards. As you can see from the photos the box folds out where it not only has a spot for A2 cards and note cards but also for gift tags, a small note book, a place to hold stamps, and a place to put your pen so you always have one handy. How crazy and fabulous right!! So much stuff fits into that one little box.
This is a photo of the box folded up, it's about 3 inches thick which is not too shabby considering what it holds.

For my give-a-way I have placed 7 cards, 5 note cards, and 4 gift tags into the slots so make sure to head on over to my page for a chance to win all of it. Also make sure to head on over to PDE and join us this week - I simply love seeing everyone's 3-D projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Foxy Love Card

Welcome to another wonderful Monday with me and thanks for stopping in. This week I have a number of fabulous love cards starting with this fabulous foxy card.

This card uses a number of papers and accessories from my stash as well as some older CTMH stamps from the "Wild About Love" stamp set. The foxes in this set are very adorable and very versatile, but I think I love this one the most. The two foxes are attached and the one is wearing a cute little bow-tie.. I know adorable right!!

The inside states "I love you" and is also from that same set. I carried the lovely teal and yellow inside and left a little bit of room for a personal message.

Nice, quick, and easy for today's card so I hope you enjoyed it. As always you can pick up any of my cards in my shop and you can always feel free to head over to my facebook page and share some of your own designs. Also make sure to stop back in tomorrow and check out a new link party brought to you by Pause, Dream, and Enjoy.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Life is Beautiful Scrap Layout

Happy Friday and thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to check out my new updates and projects!! Today I decided to share a fun and easy layout which I tried to keep pretty basic page for two reasons, the first reason is because I would like to go over some basic layout tips that I have not discussed in a while and the second is because the second page to this layout will match but will be much busier.

The page that I am sharing today is part of a baby album which I am slowly piecing together for one of my dear friends. You may notice that I did not leave a spot for journaling because I have a secret journaling pocket on the adjacent page which I will be sharing as soon as I complete it. So, without further ado here is what I have been working on this week.

My inspiration for this page was that lovely outfit Miss Abigail is wearing, which by the way is a very hard color to mimic, but never the less it is a very beautiful color. I was not too sure about how to handle the accessories in this page so I have some flowers that I have placed down but depending on the second page they may be removed, rearranged, or saved. I try to make the layouts in two 12x12 pages because I feel as though it unites the finished project better.

Again this page keeps to a clean and simple theme which is great for pointing out some design 101 tips, starting with balance. Notice that the two pictures are not the same size and are therefore unbalanced. If I would have left just the pictures on the page the layout would have looked like the left picture was overtaking the smaller picture on the right, leaving the reader to perhaps title there head. Balance is a simple concept with falls naturally in nature, meaning we expect to see and have balance to feel complete. Balance in your layout helps to create visual serenity.

In order to create balance in the layout I had to offset the two pictures by adding additional weight to the right side, or simply put the smaller picture with the larger die cut. It's pretty easy to achieve balance once you get the hang of it, just be careful not to over stuff your page and if you are still having trouble after a couple tries you can always follow a layout design sketch.

Note that a page does not have to be symmetrical however to achieve a great looking asymmetrical page requires a lot of work and planning.. and we will get to that in a later post.

The second design element I want to touch base on is color. Color is challenging for a lot of people and the easiest way to tackle it is to draw color out of the picture, as I have done with the neon yellow. I then took the page a step further and used an analogous color scheme by choosing the colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel (yellow, blue, and green.)

You can also choose to stick to colors that match a specific theme. For instance, in this page layout I could have easily went with pink for a baby girl (some others include the classic red and green for Christmas, or orange and black for Halloween). This theme based approach is great and easy to use because it take the guess work out of choosing the right colors. However, when completing a whole album (especially for an "against everything pink" mommy) I try to draw color out of the pictures leaving the album more colorful and visually appealing.

For a great post on how to choose your colors make sure to check out my Love to Learn post on color.

Well I think that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning, loving, and scrapping with me today. Enjoy your weekend and come back Monday for a foxy love card.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Easter Egg Card

I know it's a little early and everyone has Valentine fever right now but I have decided to skip ahead little ways and make the first Easter card of the season. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of the beautiful spring colors that are popping up everywhere.


For this card I picked up some stickers, that have been in my stash forever, and I paired it perfectly with some extra pattern paper that I had laying around. I have a lot of stuff in my stash that I simply love and therefore I continued to hold onto them instead of using them (classic newbie mistake) and now I am running back through and using all of those beautiful papers, accents, dies, ect...

Another new thing that I am trying is to decorate the inside of the card. I think that this adds another level to the card and really showcases all of your hard work.

Well there you have it a nice easy card to duplicate and to show off for the upcoming season. Please make sure to come back tomorrow to check out a scrap page that I am finishing up today, I promise you won't want to miss it..

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PDE Linky Party - Life is better with friends

Welcome to our Tuesday Link Party which is hosted by Pause, Dream, Enjoy! It's been far too long since I was able to participate in these challenges and I am so excited to get back in the swing of things. This week's challenge is blue and white and as always any type of project is acceptable.

PDE Link Blog
If you are interested in checking out some of the other fabulous designs you can simply click on the image above and you should arrive at the PDE link blog. We have a very talented design team and we always have excellent entries. Also, please notice that the projects for this challenge have switched from 2 weeks to every week so you will only have one week to enter your beautiful projects.

For my card I cut the yellow flower from the Devine Wedding cartridge and layered it with a hunter green. I then curled and inked the edges of the flower because I think these techniques are easy and add so much to the flat dies. The blue striped paper, the reverse of the blue striped (which is the tag) and the "Life is better with friends" stamp set come from Close to My Heart.  The gems and button all come from my stash.

I hope you enjoyed my card for today. Don't forget to swing on over to PDE and show some love or submit your own project. I hope to see you back here later this week for some new cards.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Welcome Back

Welcome back, thanks for joining, and my apologies for my absence over the holiday season. After a long move you can all rest assured that I am back and ready to continue my regular programing.  This week I have a slew of new cards and of course tomorrow I have a new Tuesday challenge to showcase so make sure to stop back in.

Today I have a special card for the upcoming holiday or perhaps just for those out there that are loyal and seem to always make you smile. This card reminds me of all of my supporters and readers who make this blog very special to me, you know those that make it all worth while, so thank you so much for everything!

My favorite thing about this card is the color scheme that magically fell into place. I initially had the pink flower and the green "moments to remember" dies picked out which happened to follow a sketch that I liked. I figured that the brown would be one of few colors that would help unite the two and wa-la in comes the green and brown focal.
I fussy cut that flower out of a 12X12 paper from CTMH and I have been waiting for the perfect project to add it to. In fact all of the paper and that lovely green smiling die come from Close to my Heart. The "moments to remember" came from my stash, along with the two pink gems whch were added for extra bling.

The inside of the card follows that great color scheme and looked a little bare so I added a phrase quote giving the card a birthday theme. I used to like leaving the inside of my cards blank but then decided to bring the outside in giving the card more of a polished look.
Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this card. Make sure to stop by again tomorrow for a new Pause, Dream, Enjoy challenge.

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