Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PDE Link Party - Seasonal Scrapbook Layout

Welcome back to the long awaited PDE scrap page showcase!! I know I promised this to you last week but I wanted to showcase those snowman cards instead. So, for today I have not only an ABC (anything but a card) Challenge but I also have that lovely layout.

First up, and honestly, if you have not played along with the challenges over at Pause, Dream, Enjoy then you definitely need to take a second and come check them out. They are a no hassle anything goes type of challenge where you just need to be inspired by the theme that week. You don't have to use any specific products, you don't have to follow the long list of rules, you just need to show up and make something fabulous.

Ok so enough rambling, let's get down to business. For today, since it's Tuesday, I have another PDE link up party to bring to you.

ABC- anything but a card - so of course I ran straight to my 12x12 sheets to design a great layout. These ABC challenges are a really fun way to break free from making cards and try out some other paper projects like lanterns, banners, subway ART, mini books, altered items.. the list is truly endless.. I know, I know paper is such an amazing medium!!

I fell in love with this layout so much because it offers all different kinds of ways to hide you journaling. Look above there is a journaling tab tucked behind the corner. Then down below you can just slide your journaling/recipe card right out from behind the photo.

Just a close up of that bottom banner which was made by layering paper then adding a row of stickers broken up by some twine.  

Thanks for stopping by today. Make sure to head on over to PDE and join us for the ABC Challenge and remember a new one starts every Tuesday.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Wishes Holiday Card

A friend of mine requested some snowman cards to be used for an upcoming birthday someone she knew was having and she asked me if I had anything on hand. Now, whenever I receive a request I always jump right on board and try to come up with 2-4 different types of cards and designs to see if anything peaks the interest of the recipient. You know cards are very personal and it really takes some thought and knowledge to find a card that is perfect for the occasion, so I really like to take the time to find the perfect outcome.
Anyway long story short, this was one of my favorite designs that I came up with to showcase to her (my friend looking for the snowman birthday card). Oh yeah I am not sure if I mentioned this already but the card was not to be a holiday card.. it needed to be for a birthday so out comes the holiday color schemes and festive holiday snowman stamps that are doing holiday things. That's alright though because I like to be challenged and I had a ton of fun making these cards.

This was a pretty easy and straightforward card to make. The "best wishes" sentiment is actually from a scratch off sticker set and fit so perfectly with the rest of the card. Also notice that I did not over do it on the holiday color scheme, just touches of color spread throughout the card.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Love & Honor Wedding Card

There was a statistic which I read once that broke down the amount of cards purchased per holiday.  with of course Christmas and Birthdays being high on the list and holidays like Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day being low on the list. Well, reaching about mid-way on that list sits the plainly personal wedding theme.  Weddings to me are a completely intimate and wonderful (don't get me wrong.. I love free drinks!)  yet the color schemes associated with wedding cards always seems to be too subtle and neutral leaving me a little lost on where to show all my excitement.

So why challenge myself? Well, we have a friend who is getting married on New Year's (How fun!!) and unfortunately they live in another state and we just became house poor.. so long story short we will be mailing them their present and that requires a lovely card to accompany it. So, off I set to make a card that was beautiful and had a lot of textures and eye candy but still kept to that neutral color scheme.  

The inside sentiment is a very light Martha Stewart gold pigment ink and the sentiment says something along the lines of "Congratulations on your special day!" I also layered on some cream cardstock so that we could write a personal message to the newlyweds. I wanted to add an elegant spot to add a gift card or some cash so I added that pocket and attached some gems and ribbon to make it look more formal.
One thing looking back would be to make the "gift card/money holder a little wider (maybe 2.75 or 3" instead of 2"). But no worries here because we will fold up a nice green bill to put in there ;).. no need to worry about picking out the perfect gift card.

Taking a look closer at the front you can see that the third layer has the coordinating ribbon wrapped around it, so I decided to use foam tape to "pop" it up leaving room for the ribbon to sit comfortably. I also used a dark grey paper instead of typical black and white theme. Again, I have a thing where I really love color. I used black glitter paper around the sentiment as well as the inside pocket to add to the touch of elegance that every brides deserve. Oh yeah, the white largest layer is indeed embossed again adding to the card without putting a ton of color on it.

Thanks for stopping by today I hope you were inspired. As always feel free to share you wedding cards and projects with us here and make sure to take a peak at my new sale going on here where if you order a card you get two gift tags for free! You really can't beat that and the gift tags can include bag tags, tags for homemade goodies, gift card holders, almost endless options.

(Psssstt.. and because you are loyal readers while this promotion is active all my cards, custom or pre-made, are on sale!.. making it no time like the present to get all of those holiday card orders, decor, invites, and gifts in.)  Have a fabulous day and I hope you join me tomorrow for my Pause, Dream, Enjoy project of the week.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let It Snow - Link Parties

Welcome Back! Today I have a great monochromatic holiday card to share. I drew the inspiration from the "Let it Snow" sticker that has been in my stash for years and also from the current link party over at PDE which focuses on Banners.

I had some trouble with the silver glitter on the banner - you can tell it's still a little wet in the pictures. First I wanted to outline the snowflakes that are embossed into the white paper, but then I quickly realized that my glitter glue was a little too thick so I decided to accent the "fluff" in the banner instead..... hmm.. 

I am going to show you my original one and then one that I re-made and filled in the banner with some glitter. I'm still not too sure which one I like more. Or if I should have just left it bank.. so many options. I am glad this is an easy design to re-create.
I wanted to make sure that everyone got the full design process with this card..and with most of my cards. I love to go back through my originals and try to improve them with the new skills and techniques that I learn everyday.
So here is what I finally stopped at with this beautiful card (well for now). I left the inside the same because it was nice, clean, and classic so I had no fuss with it. :)
Well thanks for stopping by. Make sure to come back and check out my newest wedding card...the bride is getting married on New Year's!! What a celebration - which is what cards are all about!!
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Holly-Days

Welcome Back and thanks for stopping by today. I have a couple of really fun things to share with you so I hope you sit back and enjoy!
First up is my wonderful personal news.... are you ready for it... if you follow then you are already caught right up (and on my nice list for the year) and if you don't follow you can quickly catch up with this post then come back over and follow my blog by entering your email at the bottom of the left hand side bar (where it prompts you.)  
BTW if you are like me and briefly care about personal things and are just here for the cards that link also shows some excellent holiday cards for you to take a peak at.
Ok so really this time the great news is..... that this past Thursday my family and I closed on our very first home!!!!!!!! I know I am so excited too and this is one of those times where I wish you could put exponents after those exclamation points... you know to truly show you how excited I really am.. but you can't do that, so you will just have to believe me.  
Ok so enough about my family and I and now onto my designs! From one love to another. It's a pretty exciting post. 
For today I put together some really easy holiday cards using a really easy and basic layout. One card shows you a vertical open and the other is a little smaller and shows you a horizontal open.
The tall card measures 3.5" in width and 8" in height. The patterned holly paper (which I just adore with that ivory cardstock) measures half of the front panel, so each piece measures 4" X 1.75". The maroon centered layer measures 4"x2" followed by a ivory piece measured at 3.5" x 1.5". The sticker is 2 x 1.25" and was pre-bought and in my stash. If you don't have the stickers you can either make some of your own, add a die cut, or even stamp something onto a piece of cardstock, anything that will provide you with a focal point.
Moving onto the short card which conveniently 4" in height and 4" in width. The patterned paper is then half of the size of the front base again cut in half. The layers on this card measure 2.25" x 1.75" followed by another maroon measured at 2 x 1.5" with the sticker being 1" x 1".
 The paper all came from my stash and the stickers were a purchase I made at the local dollar store. Yes if you travel down through the craft/school isle at the dollar store you are bound to find some really cool dimensional stickers for only $1.00!!  A secret deal that I can never pass up with I am in that store.
I layered the stickers and then added a little pop using 3-D foam squares, this trick always helps to make hand made or dollar store stickers feel a little more expensive. I also made sure to use a heavy weight cardstock since the cost of material was fairly low.
So those are my exciting secrets of the day. Thanks for coming by and checking out my newest creation. If you are interested any of my products feel free to reach out to my at jenileighdc@gmail.com. Enjoy your weekend!
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