Friday, August 1, 2014

Christmas in July Holiday Card!

Happy Last Day of July!! I hope everyone has had an excellent week! I apologize for not posting on Wed. but this was my first week back from our family vacation (scrap pages yet to come) so I was still relaxing.
My inspiration for cards this week (and again I didn't craft a whole lot!) was Christmas in July!! I love that idea and how motivated it makes you to get all of those holiday cards done in time for the busy season.
This card was really easy to put together and the layout can easily be transferred to multiple cards or even to a page layout, of course on a larger scale. I started with a 6X6 white card base which is usually a larger card for me but since I have extra envelopes (weird right?!) that fit this size I decided to make a couple larger cards.
I then added those little 1 1/2" green squares attached at an angle with 3-D tape accompanied by some lovely bells (stickers picked up at the dollar store!) The red side bar is a cool textured paper and the white is simply stamped cardstock. As far as the "Season's Greetings" is stamped and then popped up with 3-D tape adding to the simplicity of the card.
I hope you enjoyed my first 2014 Holiday Card and that you'll be back next week for some more cards! Oh and just in case you were wondering the family vacation was camping at a beautiful lake and enjoying some time at Water Safari Fun Park so please do come back to see those wonderful and fun scrapbook additions that I will soon be adding!

"Remember you're the one that can fill the world with Sunshine!" - Snow White

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