Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dino Mite!

I absolutely love how this card came out and I wanted to share the very simple and easy technique that I used to make it.

First take a look at the front of the card. For the cut outs and even the design I used the Cricut Create A Critter 2 cartridge - which I am completely in love with because there are so many accessories, animals, and phrases packed into this one cartridge. This is the Dino 2 image if you are interested in picking up the cartridge and both the "Dino Mite" phrase and the volcano on the inside are also from this cartridge.

If you look closely behind that beautiful dinosaur you can see a fold on the front flap of the card. This technique is so easy yet it changes the typical square card to give you a whole new look. So how did I do this you ask. Or maybe not.. but if you want some numbers here they are.
The card base is a 6 1/2" X 6" vertical folded card and I simply took the front flap at 4" in (from the crease or left side when looking at the card) and folded it back providing a 2" flap. I then took my die cut and attached it to that 2" flap. You can sort of see how the card opens up in the photo below.
On the inside of the card I decided to add a phrase ("Dino Mite") and a volcano just to add a little bit of flair. I also inked around the edges of the card to provide an ashy feel. When the card is open the dinosaur folds in so you can see all of the images at once - so try to make sure the images are all realted.

The nice thing about this card is that behind the front is a 4" space that I left blank so the sender can add a personalized message to the recipient. I believe that decorating the inside of the card, ever so slightly, adds a huge impact and a lot of times we focus so much on the outside that we neglect the inside. I also believe that every card should have a space so that the sender can leave a little personal note. Balancing between decorating the inside and leaving some personal space can get a little tricky but with a little practice you will get it in no time.

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