Friday, June 27, 2014

Cloudy Days

Happy Friday! I just wanted to hop on quickly and show you a cute card that I put together. This one is very girlie (please take note of the pink gems). The teal strip is from CTMH and is called shimmer trim. Everything else is from my stash.

I haven't been too fancy with my card styles this week because I have been focusing on making the inside beautiful.
This inside carries over the paper with those fun dots then I added a simple "celebrate" sticker and again with those gems.

 Sorry its fuzzy I've been doing better with those pictures but this one got away from me. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Masculine Happy Birthday

Today I have a 4 1/4X 5 1/2" horizontal card to share.

For this card I used two different "Happy Birthday" stamps one for the main focal point on the white cardstock and then another repeated for the bottom sentiments. I also used Washi tape (all the cool red zig zag) followed by a hemp ribbon tied with a button which was added for a some flair.

I had the card base with the red bottom sentiment stored in my stash for a while because I couldn't figure out what else to put with it..yes I store half made cards on occasion.. and it just so happened that the red and gray were hard to find accessories for.Then one day I found that fun Washi tape in the bottom of my ribbon stash and I knew that together a cute card could be born.
I love this card because of it's masculinity. So many card markers (myself included) find it hard to make masculine cards because you have to limit the ribbon, glitz, and bows but still make the card appealing.
I hope you enjoyed the card today! Don't forget we have a linky party going on over at Pause, Dream, Enjoy where layers is the theme! 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello There Layers

Thanks for joining me for another Tuesday Linky Party over at Pause, Dream, Enjoy. The theme for the next two weeks is Layers so make sure to add lots of layers and then head on over and join us fo the challenge.

This card was one of my favorites and comes from Close to My Heart.

It was very hard for me to choose one card to use for the layers theme since I love to add layers to my cards. I think that layers are an easy way to give the card so much dimension.

Make sure to head on over to the challenge blog to see what some of the other designers pulled together for this fun challenge.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Triple Stamped Layer Card Tutorial

Hello Monday! Thanks for joining me for another week of cards, lessons, and tips! Over the weekend I got a chance to work on making some new types of cards. I think that the stepper card last week really motivated me. Not to mention how fun it is to add a new element to card making.

This Tripe stamped card is a square standard vertical folded card with a base of 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" and it is actually quite easy to make.

  • First take three pieces of a solid color card stock (I used yellow) these pieces will become your base and mats and will be cut @ 8 1/2" X 5 1/2", 3 1/4" X 4 1/2", and 2 1/4" X 3 1/2".
  • Next we are going to make the top layer (in my card it was that cream/white color) this will be the layer that you stamp and will be cut @ 4 X 5 1/2", 3 X 4 1/4", and 2 X 3 1/4".
  • Next take all of your top layer pieces (the cream ones) and place them on top of each other (note only the white layers not the yellow layers) and then start stamping. The yellow or base layers will be left completely plain with no stamping. 
    • I chose to use a flourish stamp with the flowers already in the one stamp others choose to flourish and then add the flowers or use any other stamp really it does not have to be flourishes... this part is completely up to you so play around with different ideas and different stamps and find whatever suits you best.
    • A rule of thumb when "random stamping" is to keep the stamps in a triangular pattern so if you think of a equilateral triangle stamp the two corners then add the peak.  
  • Next I matted all of the top layers onto their matching bases and before putting the whole card together I took the two smallest sets and wrapped some twine and a button around them. Note that some people like to add 3-D tape to all of the layers to give the card some dimension, I chose to add it to the bottom layer and now looking back I should have added it to all layers. This again is completely up to you and the card looks great with or without the 3-D tape.
There you have it. Easy Peasy in just a few simple steps you can have a beautiful layered card. With this card I also brought the outside design into the card, see my picture.

That flourish stamp is the same stamp that I used on the outside. The paper is also the other side of my designed topper paper.. just so I did not add too many designs or elements.


Again I promise this is an easy card to make but if you have any questions feel free to contact me at

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Stepper Tutorial

I absolutely love how this card came out and think that it would make a great shower invitation for an expecting mom. This is a really easy card to put together and always comes out so lovely.

Stepper cards are wonderful because again they are easy to put together and they give your card a new look and feel. Take a look at the card from the side and then I will post some directions down below it.
To make this wonderful card just follow the instructions below making sure to note that the left and right sides of the card refer to the sides when you are viewing the card from the front.
  1. I started with a 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" piece of card stock
  2. The next thing I did was to mark 2 1/2" in from the left side and cut vertically from 1" to 6 1/2" This is going to create the left side and right side of the card and allow you to fold the right sides. Make sure to start at 1" and not the edge of the card.
  3. The next step is to score horizontally at the following marks (on the right side of the card) 1", 2", 3 1/4", 4 1/2", and 6 1/2"
  4. On the left side of the card make a score mark at 4 1/4" and mountain fold it creating a horizontally folded card.
  5. Moving back over to the left side starting at the bottom (1" mark) do a mountain fold, followed by a valley fold (@ 2") then another mountain fold, valley fold and a mountain fold. - Use my picture above as a reference point and remember we started at the bottom.
The directions can be a little tricky at first but I promise once you make one of these cards it all becomes so easy and you will be punching them out as fast as a square card. You can always feel free to ask me questions through replying to this post, emailing me at, or by stopping by our Facebook page.  
I hope you enjoyed learning all of the new card folds this week. I am working on putting together a few more tutorials for the upcoming posts so make sure to add this site to your RSS feed or to follow by email.
Enjoy your weekend!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dino Mite!

I absolutely love how this card came out and I wanted to share the very simple and easy technique that I used to make it.

First take a look at the front of the card. For the cut outs and even the design I used the Cricut Create A Critter 2 cartridge - which I am completely in love with because there are so many accessories, animals, and phrases packed into this one cartridge. This is the Dino 2 image if you are interested in picking up the cartridge and both the "Dino Mite" phrase and the volcano on the inside are also from this cartridge.

If you look closely behind that beautiful dinosaur you can see a fold on the front flap of the card. This technique is so easy yet it changes the typical square card to give you a whole new look. So how did I do this you ask. Or maybe not.. but if you want some numbers here they are.
The card base is a 6 1/2" X 6" vertical folded card and I simply took the front flap at 4" in (from the crease or left side when looking at the card) and folded it back providing a 2" flap. I then took my die cut and attached it to that 2" flap. You can sort of see how the card opens up in the photo below.
On the inside of the card I decided to add a phrase ("Dino Mite") and a volcano just to add a little bit of flair. I also inked around the edges of the card to provide an ashy feel. When the card is open the dinosaur folds in so you can see all of the images at once - so try to make sure the images are all realted.

The nice thing about this card is that behind the front is a 4" space that I left blank so the sender can add a personalized message to the recipient. I believe that decorating the inside of the card, ever so slightly, adds a huge impact and a lot of times we focus so much on the outside that we neglect the inside. I also believe that every card should have a space so that the sender can leave a little personal note. Balancing between decorating the inside and leaving some personal space can get a little tricky but with a little practice you will get it in no time.

Make sure to sign up to receive my posts by e-mail because in the next post I will be showing you how to make an easy stepper card.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beach/Ocean Linky Party Week 2

Good Morning! I hope everyone enjoyed those cute little cards that I posted yesterday. Remember they are on sale in my store.. It's a BOGO type of sale where you pay for a baby card and get the birthday card for free... or vice versa as long as you are getting one for free right! : )

Today I just wanted to remind everyone of the Linky Party over at Pause, Dream, Enjoy! The theme is Beach/Ocean and the Party ends on Monday June 23rd. So you have one more week to enter.

As I have said before the rules over at PDE are really simple. Each linky lasts for 2 whole weeks. One week Team A (my team) will post all of their projects then the following week Team B will post all of there projects. This is a straight forward for inspiration and support type of linky where nothing is won except new fans and inspiration from one another.
Here are the actual rules as Janice has posted on the site .. see pretty simple.
1) Any type of crafting
2) No back linking
3) Unlimited times to link up 
Make sure to head on over there because there are a ton of great projects ranging from scrap pages to cards to 3-D projects. Then grab a button to post to your blog and get working on your projects to share with us.
Oh yeah and definitely stayed tuned to my blog because you will not want to miss the next couple of posts. *Hint there are two  new tutorials planned for this week*

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Double Dose

Good Monday! I got a bug (and a list of sketches from My Favorite Things) and decided to put together two quick cards. The base was a factory made peach card with a white inside... it comes with a matching white and peach envelope as well! How spectacular right!

That gorgeous flower is actually from a paper pack and was hand cut out and placed onto the card using 3-D foam tape so it gives a little dimension to the card. The "Happy Birthday" is stamped onto an additional layer with a red ink.
The stork card came out so much better and took a little more time because the layout and all the layers were a slight challenge. There is an orange layer followed by a yellow (half circle) and then the vellum layer. On top of the layers I added the ribbon and those lovely flower buttons. The stork is a raised sticker and included the "special delivery bag."
I tend to keep to the clean and simple look so this card took me out of my comfort zone a little, but I am so happy with the outcome and feel as though it all came together so very well.
These cards are both in my store and you can head over and purchase them 2 for the price of 1 if you are interested and have any events coming up.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Friday! I just wanted to pop on really quick and post my most recent Father's Day card.. plus it's my first official shape card too so it's pretty exciting!!

For this card I used the basic shapes menu in the Cricut Craft Room and a great helper from one of my Facebook groups. It was such an easy cad to manipulate using simple circle, ovals, and squares.. so amazing right!!

I added the CTMH paper pack - Timberland, and some basic metal accessories that I have had on hand for years trying to find the right card to use it for. Oh yeah and those groovy little studs are also from CTMH's current catalogue.

Make sure to sign up for my emails and or RSS feed because I am working on putting together some spectacular tutorials and I would hate for you to miss those! Have a great weekend and I hope to see you back next week.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My New Store!!

As many of you know, or maybe you don't, because of such popular demand I have decided to start selling my cards in my store front. While I still do custom orders on cards, invites, gift tags, and even wall hangings I thought it would be fabulous to put so cute cards in one place for everyone to click through and purchase on an as need basis.

You can find a few of the cards by following this link MY STORE <~~ Seriously at least go and check it out because it takes a lot of work to put up a store front ~~ or by simply coming to my lovely blog and clicking "Visit My Store".  Also as always if you come across a card that you just can't get enough of.. like maybe this one

or perhaps this one
Or even this one

Or this one
Just let me know and I will be more than happy to ship it right out to you.
That's all I have for today. Thanks for all of your support, love, and inspiration! Until we meet again.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beachy Scrap Page

It's Tuesday and that means that it is time for another challenge over at Pause, Dream, Enjoy! These challenges have been so motivating for me. I am always looking for new themes and new challenges and that's exactly what I get with these challenges. This week's theme was beach/ocean and what better than to continue to work on our Cape Cod Scrap book.

These are the two pages side by side with my pictures in them. I love how simple this layout is. I thought about adding some patterned paper but then decided against it so that those photos could pull it all together just as nicely as you see.

Make sure to head on over to the Pause, Dream, Enjoy website and join us for the linky. You have two weeks starting today to get your beach/ocean themed projects in. Remember there are no restrictions as long as your project follows the theme.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wall Hangings & More

I am a little behind since I have been trying to get my store up and running..but keeping to my 3 a week here is my second.

I have a dear friend of mine who is close to being a first time mommy and for that I wanted to do something special for her. While scrapping is spectacular there is no baby yet so that wouldn't work out quite so well and since I already have a fabulous little card made up for the shower I was looking for something a little more.. so after racking my brain I came up with this really adorable little wall hanging that will soon be part of a set.

I apologize because I should have retaken these photos outside during the day but I finished them up and it was night and I was excited to show the world! Clearly the one with the crazy glare right through the middle shows great color because I had the flash on.

Anyway I thought these (the 2nd is yet to come) would be great for a child's nursery and if you are interested I can do a number of different animals.. think dogs, hippos, giraffes, chicks... just see for yourself.

The options are really endless.. ponds, jungles, woods, beach, ect..I love this set! As always email me if you are interested in purchasing any custom products.

And for now I will leave you with the owl and the promise that you will be back soon to check out the second on in this set.. I promise you will not want to miss it.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cards for a Cause! June

Welcome June!.. and beautiful 80+ degree weather here in upstate ny!! I mean finally I feel like winter lasted WAY too long and I am not sure if that's because I am getting older or if it just really lasted for like 8 months!

Anyway, I wanted to post about the fabulous Cards for a Cause program that the Split Coast Stampers community takes part in every month to give a little something to those in need. Last month the theme was children's cards which were donated to the Ronald McDonald house.. I know fabulous right! I figured this was right up my alley with two things that I love so much (making cards and helping out) and so I figured this month I would take a swing at it. Now mind you I do not have a card for today (I will post it ever so soon) but I did want to help and get the word out so if any of my lovely readers wanted to get in on this you had the chance.

Here is the post and all of the details (straight from the SCS's girls...)

Default JUNE 2014 Mission-Cards For A Cause

2014 Cards For A Cause
Stamp from the Heart!


Description of Organization:
Description of Organization: Forgotten 4-Paws is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), volunteer-run organization concerned with the welfare of all animals. Though our main focus is animal welfare, we also rescue abandoned, neglected and stray cats and dogs, with the help of caring foster families (as we have no "shelter" of our own), and adopt them into loving, forever homes. To date, we have helped over 5,000 animals find the happily-ever-after endings they so desperately deserved.


Mainly thank you (used to send to adopters, volunteers, and people who donate), but can also use get-well, or general hello/thinking of you cards. Although while the majority of our rescues are cats, we do get some dogs, so both cat- and dog-related cards are welcome.

Please leave space inside for us to write a note, and please provide envelopes.

Read more: or send me out an email and I will get you in contact with the correct person.

If you are interested in making a card please head on over to our Facebook page and share it! Split coast stampers also has a spot where you can post your cards and take part in their fun little challenge.

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