Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monotone Scrap Layouts

I have been working on a lot of cards lately so today I thought I would share another scrapbook page layout. These pages were done about 2 years ago when my son was a few month old. Aww.. looking back how I miss those days and realize that from infant to preschool is a huge difference- still fun just different playing fields.

Anyway, I love these pages because they show a beautiful monotone use of the color blue with a light accent of yellow which are great colors together. I also love that the photos were framed and that the animals complement each other through the two pages. Journaling is a tough spot for most people and you can either tuck the journaling tabs right into the page so it gives them a hidden effect or you can post them onto the page like I have shown. I simply write what the pictures were about because I feel as though a scrapbook is a memory and I suck at remembering things so I want my journaling to reflect why I chose to treasure these pictures.

Well I hope you enjoy my pages :)