Friday, March 21, 2014

Stamping 101

I have been spending some time stamping and messing around with tags for an upcoming wedding and I wanted to take some time and talk about stamping and how to make easy and custom creations by using a simple stamp.

First let's take a second and discuss supplies. I always have my stamping kit with me when I want to stamp which includes a Round Sponge, my ink pad, The Spitz Cleaner, a scrubby and of course my stamps. Easy Enough.. I actually keep everything right in a child size shoe box so it's always together. And of course, while not all of these are necessary supplies they definitely make stamping easier and they are each very affordable so I do recommend building up your stash to include them. It's simply one of those convenience over the $20.00 thing plus the cleaner you keep your supplies the longer you will have them.

Ok so now onto stamping. Btw.. If you don't have any stamps (shame on you..but can head on over to my CTMH page and check out the Acrylic line that we offer or you can follow this blog and be entered into a drawing where you can win not only a new stamp set but also a free ink pad (your choice in color.)) They are excellent stamps and use a clear block making the different stamping techniques easier.
So now onto the fun stuff. Stamping is pretty basic, simply press the stamp onto the ink
and then onto the medium which
 you are stamping onto so I will not go into the how to's of actually stamping but I would like to give you some quick tips and then show you some great examples in some of my recent projects.
So as far as basic stamping there are a few things that can make it easier on you.
  • The first is to use the "Tap Tap Twist Twist" method when you are inking your stamp. Just as it states tap the stamp firmly on the ink twice followed by a press and twist back and forth (like a wiggle.)
  • It also might be useful to place something like foam underneath the paper prior to stamping it. This allows the ink in the crevices of the stamp to transfer over to the paper or medium you are using making it much darker and more defined overall.
  • Another quick tip is to press firmly and lift the stamp or block straight back up.
Practice on a scrap sheet a few times and I am sure you will have the technique down. Another nice thing about our Acrylx  Line is that you can see through the glass block making background stamping and double stamping a breeze.
 photo JeniLeigh3_zps1223d877.jpg