Monday, March 24, 2014

L2L Pocket Scrapbooking

Good Morning and Happy Monday to everyone!! Today I have a freebie and a little "love to learn" session on Pocket Scrapbooking so sit back grab your coffee and let's get moving.

Pocket Scrapbooking is becoming a huge trend - for those who are not completely in the know.. think quick easy scrapbook where each page has built in pockets that you simply slide your pre-fitted journal cards and photos into. This is an easy system and is fabulous for those of us who don't have a ton of space or time for larger projects (or even great for newbie scrapsters!)

For the complete Picture My Life Line.
                            This is the babycakes program that CTMH offers.
**Please note to not look silly in your next scrap session: Project Life is a brand name that was developed by Becky Higgins and includes products to assemble the pocket scrapbooks, such as page protectors, journaling cards, albums, paper, and filler cards. Pocket Scrapbooking is the actual style of scrapbooking you use when dividing up your page into sections or pockets. Also note that Project Life does not mean you scrapbook about your life again it's just the brand name.**. <~~ Seriously who knew?!

So now onto the freebies. As I was checking out this morning's scrap news, tips, & more on my various scrap blogs and sites I happened to stumble upon this wonderful article from about.Com. In this article author Rebecca Lukens (an instructor and author of several scrapbooking books) lists several sources where bloggers offer free printable journaling cards that are all so lovely.

Take a sneak peak:

These are from


There are tons more so make sure to check out not only these sites but also the about.Com article to find tons more. Then just for kicks upload your projects and let's see what you have been working on.

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