Friday, March 28, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

When I came across the "My Favorite Things" color palette challenge I quickly feel in love. Not only were the colors perfect and screamed spring time but I have been focusing on fixing up my color schemes so it was perfect timing.

These are the color we are supposed to be working with:

And here is what I came up with:

Not to worry the Kraft color came in on the envelope!

Wow that different angle in the kitchen really brought out those colors!! :) This card was a lot of fun and happened to be my first Easter Card so I made a couple different copies. It's always fun to have some extra cards on hand.

I was inspired and am therefore entering this card into the following Challenge Blogs so make sure to head on over and see the other entries. 

Creatalicious Challenge Blog: Challenge #61 - Easter Wonderland 
My Favorite Things: Color Challenge # 3

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Color Cordinating Cards, Components & Challenges

To better understand the design ingredients for making cards, scrap pages, 3-D elements, or pretty much anything at all (I love how vast basic design principles can stretch across all aspects of your life) we need to understand that a recipe needs key pieces to make them more finished. In no particular order these key pieces include
  • A color Scheme: The color wheel is your best friend when it comes to schemes, trust me! Also look to nature for inspiration "what colors occur naturally" 
  • A Focal Point: a photo, an embellishment, anything imaginable as long as it is the number one thing on your project - like a bow on a beautifully wrapped present. A lot of people will use a picture on a scrap layout whatever it is make it the focus of your project.
  • Theme: Concept of the card - yes it is crucial that you have this game plan in place prior to starting. Some basic themes are baby, seasons, and holidays. A lot of themes are pre-designed with colors so you don't have to come up with your own scheme. For instance a baby girl is naturally pink and white and Halloween is orange and black.
  • Embellishments: the frosting on the cake. Embellishments can literally be anything you have and are meant to give the project some final touches.

Since I'm such a big fan of colors I am going to start our lesson this week on color coordinating. When you are creating a project you should take a second in your design phase a focus your attention on color. Color is the most important factor in creating mood for your card or page layout and is such a hard concept for so many people - myself included- hence why the color wheel has became my best accesory.
Ok so basic design: The color wheel in the simplest form has primary colors (Y,R,B) and when mixed those primary colors become secondary colors (O, P, G) and when anything beyond that is mixed it's considered an intermediate color (think red-orange or pink.)
For those of us that are a bit more visual here is the complete breakdown:

Oh yea! I love the warm & cool colors as well as the complementary colors - btw all wonderful color schemes.

So what's a color scheme?! A color scheme is simply a combination of colors that when used together work mingle and look fantastic.

A good design tip is to stick with 3 colors and use them in a 60%- dominant, 30% - secondary, 10% - accent ratio. If you follow the schemes outlined below you will have little trouble and soon be off exploring all on your own.

Analogous Scheme: This scheme takes 3 colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel and sticks to them. Think Yellow,  Orange, and Red.

Complementary: These are those colors that are opposite each other on the wheel - they create very high contrast which in turns creates a very intense appearance. A good tip here is to use 2 complementary colors and then use a neutral for the dominant color - this helps to keep the balance on the design. Think of Christmas for this one Red and Green with white.

Some other easier schemes include the primary scheme which uses red, yellow, and blue (remember those primary colors) and creates an informal or lively - child like layout. This scheme is often used for kids, parties, school, etc....
There are also cool and warm schemes, look back up at those color wheels...better yet print them out and hang them in your craft area! Warm schemes include reds, yellows, and oranges and create a sense of liveliness, warmth, and cheerfulness or of warm objects like fire or the sun. Where cool colors like your blues purples, and greens recede from the viewer and create a since of serene or coolness - think water, snow, forests.
Monochromatic Schemes: These schemes choose one color and use many different values and intensities. This scheme creates a peaceful mood and adding a soft texture or pattern can help capture the mood and add interest to the project. This is the easiest scheme to use successfully and therefore is often the first theme new scrappers use.
Neutral Color Schemes: You know, all of your beige, browns, blacks, whites, ivory's, ect.... These color invoke a formal, earthy, or neutral feeling. Themes often associated with neutral themes are weddings or pictures of nature.

So there you have it. The basic color schemes when discussing designs for scrapbooks and cards. Remember that when designing or planning your project colors should enhance your focal point (not overpower) and all colors used should be appropriate to the theme of the card.

If you are still stuck on where to start try to pull out a primary and accent color from the photograph and use a neutral to tag along with it. Try using a complementary color (based off your focal embellishment or picture) and create a vibrant layout.  Start out by making a monochromatic card and get used to using the color wheel.

I also have a challenge for both you and I this week. Over at the "My Favorite Things" blog they host monthly color palette challenges and I am going to take part in it and challenge myself to design a project with the use of these beautiful colors they have chosen.

Who doesn't love those wonderful spring time colors. What a lovely set of pale analogous cool colors ;) Seriously though they are great colors for Spring so if you are interested share your project with us and don't forget to link up to the My Favorite Things blog not later than Wednesday, April 2 at noon EST.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

L2L Pocket Scrapbooking

Good Morning and Happy Monday to everyone!! Today I have a freebie and a little "love to learn" session on Pocket Scrapbooking so sit back grab your coffee and let's get moving.

Pocket Scrapbooking is becoming a huge trend - for those who are not completely in the know.. think quick easy scrapbook where each page has built in pockets that you simply slide your pre-fitted journal cards and photos into. This is an easy system and is fabulous for those of us who don't have a ton of space or time for larger projects (or even great for newbie scrapsters!)

For the complete Picture My Life Line.
                            This is the babycakes program that CTMH offers.
**Please note to not look silly in your next scrap session: Project Life is a brand name that was developed by Becky Higgins and includes products to assemble the pocket scrapbooks, such as page protectors, journaling cards, albums, paper, and filler cards. Pocket Scrapbooking is the actual style of scrapbooking you use when dividing up your page into sections or pockets. Also note that Project Life does not mean you scrapbook about your life again it's just the brand name.**. <~~ Seriously who knew?!

So now onto the freebies. As I was checking out this morning's scrap news, tips, & more on my various scrap blogs and sites I happened to stumble upon this wonderful article from about.Com. In this article author Rebecca Lukens (an instructor and author of several scrapbooking books) lists several sources where bloggers offer free printable journaling cards that are all so lovely.

Take a sneak peak:

These are from


There are tons more so make sure to check out not only these sites but also the about.Com article to find tons more. Then just for kicks upload your projects and let's see what you have been working on.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out? "

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Stamping 101

I have been spending some time stamping and messing around with tags for an upcoming wedding and I wanted to take some time and talk about stamping and how to make easy and custom creations by using a simple stamp.

First let's take a second and discuss supplies. I always have my stamping kit with me when I want to stamp which includes a Round Sponge, my ink pad, The Spitz Cleaner, a scrubby and of course my stamps. Easy Enough.. I actually keep everything right in a child size shoe box so it's always together. And of course, while not all of these are necessary supplies they definitely make stamping easier and they are each very affordable so I do recommend building up your stash to include them. It's simply one of those convenience over the $20.00 thing plus the cleaner you keep your supplies the longer you will have them.

Ok so now onto stamping. Btw.. If you don't have any stamps (shame on you..but can head on over to my CTMH page and check out the Acrylic line that we offer or you can follow this blog and be entered into a drawing where you can win not only a new stamp set but also a free ink pad (your choice in color.)) They are excellent stamps and use a clear block making the different stamping techniques easier.
So now onto the fun stuff. Stamping is pretty basic, simply press the stamp onto the ink
and then onto the medium which
 you are stamping onto so I will not go into the how to's of actually stamping but I would like to give you some quick tips and then show you some great examples in some of my recent projects.
So as far as basic stamping there are a few things that can make it easier on you.
  • The first is to use the "Tap Tap Twist Twist" method when you are inking your stamp. Just as it states tap the stamp firmly on the ink twice followed by a press and twist back and forth (like a wiggle.)
  • It also might be useful to place something like foam underneath the paper prior to stamping it. This allows the ink in the crevices of the stamp to transfer over to the paper or medium you are using making it much darker and more defined overall.
  • Another quick tip is to press firmly and lift the stamp or block straight back up.
Practice on a scrap sheet a few times and I am sure you will have the technique down. Another nice thing about our Acrylx  Line is that you can see through the glass block making background stamping and double stamping a breeze.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ballonrides and Wedding Cards

Over the weekend I pieced together a wedding card which is going to be used by the bride to give to the groom.

Since this was a masculine card (and pink and white were the only two colors requested on the card) I decided to use a few shades of grey followed by a pale pink. The wonderful shimmer accessories are from the balloon ride line. Check out all of the CTMH sparkle flourishes here. The light grey and pale pink are crinkled paper which helps to give the card some texture. I also raised the heart stickers and the middle framed bracket (we are going to write a verse from the bride to the groom on there.)

I would love to see some other projects which everyone has been making with our new lines so feel free to pass along links showcasing your new art.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Delicate Wings Stamp Set Giveaway

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. Since I work on Saturdays Monday is my second day off so I still consider it my weekend. So anyway this weekend I have been so crazy busy making cards and creating events! Coming up this week I have a wedding card (customized for a co-worker .. oh yeah I do that too!!) and 2 new birthday cards.

I also have two new events coming up. I am hosting a Crop and Create Freebies Event on April 5th. During this relaxed event we will be working on some of our own scrapbooking pages. Since this is a free event all attendees must bring their own supplies and tools.

The second event we have is a Creative Club on Sunday, April 27th at 2:00pm. This event does cost $30.00 to attend but I will supply all of the materials and instructions. During this months Creative Club we will be making the Lollydoodle Pennants shown below.

In this kit you will get the following materials:
12" x 12" patterned papers
Adhesive Sheets Compliments
Lollydoodle Acrylic Adhesive Assortment
• Pre-cut white daisy scallop border
6" x 6" white daisy cardstock
Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape
Smoothie Striped Washi Tape

If you are interested in attending these events feel free to email me at If you are local you can always feel free to join our Meet Up group as well.  

Ok so even more good news!! I know I just can't contain my self today. I am so pleased to announce JeniLeigh Design's very first giveaway!! Yay! I will be giving away a Delicate Wings Petite Perks Stamp Set (along with something from our exclusives ink line - markers, ink pads, or re-inkers - winner's choice of tool and color.) Below is a small version of the stamp set. It comes with 4 stamps (a butterfly, a bird, a dragonfly, and a flower) and are perfect for our 1X1 blocks. Very lovely and just in time for Spring!!

Ok so in order to qualify for this give a away you must simply follow my blog. Everyone who signs up to follow my blog between Monday March 17th and Wednesday April 2nd will be entered in the contest. Then at the end of the contest I will randomly draw a name and announce the winner on my blog. A winner will be chosen on Thursday April 3rd and the winner will have until Sunday April 6th to claim their prize by emailing me their name and address. See Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pie.
* Please note my stamp set was a gift I received from joining CTMH and you can receive your very own stamp set through CTMH by joining my team.

So I believe that is all the excitement that I have in store for today. Please make sure to stay tuned for some projects and tutorials coming up this week.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yay for Mickey (Invites!)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous St. Patrick's Weekend! :) I'm not quite ready for all the green yet however I do have some fabulous party invites to share with you.

My son recently turned 3 and we celebrated with none other than a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party! I'm very happy with the way these turned out. We wrote all of the party information on the white tag and then tied a ribbon on them and shipped them out to all of our friends and family.
 I love these because they are completely customizable by simply switching out the red to a pink and adding a bow and a little more glam and poof you have Minnie Invites (or you can just e-mail me and I will whip some up for you!)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Down Ivy Lane

I made a box of 3X3 thank you cards for a relative of mine for helping out with my son's birthday party and I wanted to share some of my designs with you. All of the 3X3 designs can be turned into larger cards and or detailed and adjusted to fit any occasion it's just nice to say thank you sometimes and note cards have always been a favorite of mine :)


 Here's a closer view of that lovely pattern which can be found exclusively in the Ivy Lane Card Making Workshop.

Ok so I know you are now dying to see that whole stamp set. Well you can either pick up the kit and check it out or you will have to wait until after this month's club where we will be using that same kit to make some different cards. For more information about the club feel free to send me out an email to

Until we meet again!