Thursday, August 3, 2017

Free Stamping Course

Did you guys have a chance to check out my newest course, Stamping 101?? This was a wonderful course for new and intermediate stampers and the best news is that it was completely FREE!! I LOVE free and I LOVE passing along my savings to you. Aside from being awesome this course also got great reviews from those who joined me live for it!

During this course I showed off my ultimate “spend AND splurge” lists for what you need to get started and to continue stamping. I also showed you how to start stamping with those same tools as well as how to clean and take care of your new products. Lastly, I came on and showed you a whole bunch of really cool tips and tricks to help make those stamps worth your money. 

I have decided to keep this course up and running and to allow everyone who missed it the chance to go back and watch all those same videos and tips at their own pace on their own time. So if you are looking to learn some new stamping techniques or perhaps you have been wanting to learn for a while and just have no clue where to start then come on over and join us here.

Thanks and Happy Stamping!