Monday, May 22, 2017

Stamp of the Month & Live Beautifully

Ok, so today's card is a little busier than my usual style, but I really do love showing you how to save money by taking advantage of Close to my Heart's monthly special and today's card is a perfect combination between our Stamp of the Month and our NSM: Live Beautifully campaign. Let's get right to it.

This card is called a side step card because on the side the folds create a step. These cards are easy to assemble and work great for creating scenes, or even if you have a lot of stuff to put on a card...LOL! When does that ever happen!?

Another thing that I recently did was to invest in some awesome alcohol markers, so I really did enjoyed coloring in this stamp set. However if you caught me earlier this month I showed you how to use this exact same stamp set with no coloring :) Here you can look again at this post if you need a reminder.

I lost a lot of my projects and tutorials when I switched the blog over, but I do have some left. If you are interested in checking out some other fancy fold cards then you can visit this page.

Well thanks for tuning in today! I hope you enjoyed my project and were inspired to create something beautiful.