Friday, August 19, 2016

Pink and Yellow...Hello PL!!

Happy Friday and thanks for joining us today! Fridays are always a special day around my homestead since it not only starts the weekend but also means that it's Movie Night...equipped with pizza!! Yay to family night, no cooking, and no dishes ... oh yea and everyone is typically in a good mood!!

Fridays also (typically) symbolize a scrapbook page or some sort of PL (yay!! dual meaning... project life or pocket letter) and today I have a pocket letter for you. So sit back and enjoy!

Now typically I am not a huge fan of these things, but then loving snail mail as much as I do, and a good challenge, I finally got my act together and just did one mini, then I made my second, then third. I  started getting really addicted to these mini PL's (which are 3 pockets instead of 9) and before I knew it I realized that I was quickly addicted to Pocket Letters (mini or full size) again I mentioned I am slightly addicted to snail mail!

I found that the mini PL's were an awesome starting point for anyone getting into this. Another trick that I learned is that it's ok to make one full pocket a shaker pocket..this actually looks really awesome and takes very little effort. So if you are good at math, or simply following along, we start with a mini PL (3 pockets) then we put a shaker in the middle and a letter in the first pocket, that only leaves your with one more pocket (add some stickers, washi, or anything else that you have way to much of!) and wah-lah your first pocket letter is complete and ready to be mailed to a friend. Another secret is to add chocolate or tea which are always really big hits with me and others. 

This one was made for a swap and the theme was Pink and Yellow.  I was so hesitant in joining this swap, I am a mom of two little boys so Pink and Yellow's not really a color palette that I reach for a lot. But to my amazement I had a ton of Pink and Yellow things including the lovely Calypso paper pack from CTMH. Oh yea I also added some gems and sequins from CTMH. 

This is a view of the back. A lot of people make or add journal cards to both sides of the pocket letter, I like to decorate the front and let the goodies show through on the back. Again though, since this is your letter do whatever you want, there's no right or wrong was.

The goodies include washi, gems, paper clips, clothes pins, stickers, my letter (always) and some other odds and ends. I never have a problem filling the letter it's honestly just the start up process, that gets me. 

Here is a close up of some sticker words I added in. 

Another view of the front. A lot of people use stickers to label what's in each pocket.. I tend to stick to phrases with my alpha's (like HI!) but there is no right or wrong way of doing this, so just do it and you'll figure it out. 

 Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my Pocket Letter and I hope to see next week.

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