Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Lovely Flip Album

It gets confusing with all of the new lingo bouncing around the scrapbooking world and if you follow it (at all) like I do then you may be a little lost (like I am) on a couple of things... like flip album vs. flip book...and I am not sure that this post is going to clear anything up for you but here is my version of a flip album (slightly larger and more durable that it's cousin the flip book.) 

I followed a very easy tutorial brought to you by My Sister Scrapper so if you have not checked her out make sure to head on over there right now..go ahead I will wait. 

This is the front cover and the first page. When following this pattern make sure to take the time to place your pages where you want them (every page varies slightly.) 

I used a ton of journal cards and of course lots and lots of tags and photo outlines. 

Here is a closer view of that lovely PL card my friend Stacey Made. You will see a lot of her work throughout this album and if you love it as much as I do then you can check out more of it here on her blog Stacey's Creative Corner.

And of course you flip it open to a journal space! How creative and wonderful! 

Some more of the pages as you flip through the book.

And of course some more of the tags/photo pages. 

This one was a really neat feature to add to the book. About mid-way into the book the page outline gets switched up and you add in 2 1/2 pages fully equipped with pockets! It's a ton of fun.  

I had a lot of photo outlines in my PL stash so I figured this was the perfect chance to use those up. I also love the idea of journal cards and capturing memories, quotes, even routines and agendas! 

This was a dun little book/pocket which we made for the back cover. I decided to add some goodies to the inside.

So there you have it a nice and easy album. I promise you it does not take long to complete this one and it's such a beautiful album, make sure to give it a try. 

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