Friday, July 8, 2016

Moment in Time

Thanks for coming back over today & of course Happy Friday!!! We have some friends coming to visit from out of town this weekend and it's going to be another beautiful weekend spent at the lake for us!! Yay!! Don't you just love summertime?!! 

Well as promised, for today's post I will be showcasing my oldest son (Doo's) pre-k graduation layout..which to this mommy any little milestone is a HUGE deal..this is no exception! But before I show you the complete scrap book page, I just wanted to take a second and soak in the fact that my first born will officially be in the "Class of 2029!!" yep that's right (and not to age me or anything...but yep 2029!!...crazy!!)

So of course, "Moment in Time 2029" was set to be the perfect title for this fun page. 

It was so hard to choose only three photos. Damien had such a wonderful pre-k year and I am so happy for that. I also am so much more comfortable with him going into Kindergarten with such a wonderful experience already behind us. But he made so many friends and has so many memories that I actually am walking away with a double page for today and one for next week :) 

There are so many different and wonderful elements to this page. I was trying to pull the mature growing up theme into the fun it's only pre-k theme and I love the way it turned out. The "Hello Life" tag was perfect next to our family photo because it's a wide awakening when your first born is set for Kindergarten  and that tag is perfect for addressing my feeling for the day :) 

In fact, most of the chalkboard embellishments as well as the vellum phrases came from a pen pal stash exchange (have I ever mentioned how much I love those!!) I also used some back to school puffy stickers to help embellish and to pull that childhood feeling into the page. 

This wonderful phrase card also came from my pen pal and I just could not help attaching it to my "Today" card below and tucking it away behind our family photo. Again both quotes express how I feel about the milestone :) 

Journaling can be hard over-thought sometimes which can make it intimidating, but honestly it's your memory so write anything there. Think quotes, sayings, stories, specific conversations or words, or narrate the pictures...even lists can work and add interest to any story. 

On this particular card I just wrote a little memo to Doo about how proud we are of him. I plan on adding some personal touches (pictures and stories he has created throughout the year) to the other side of this 2 page layout..remember I told you I had a lot more pictures's hard to choose sometimes.

Well there you have little moment in time with you. I hope you enjoyed this Friday Scrappin' Edition and have a happy and safe weekend. 

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