Monday, March 28, 2016

New Fuse Tool!!

Guess what I got??!! HSN was having a Craft special, you know to celebration national craft month, and I made my first ever HSN purchase and picked up the Fuse tool!! I am so excited about this new tool and I can't wait to play around with it some more.

Now for those of you who do not know the Fuse tool is just that..a tool that fuses paper, plastics (like page protectors) and embellishments together.. and man is it a lot of fun! So far I have only played around with the card making kit that came with the bundle, but I cannot wait to get my hands busy with some custom pocket scrapbooking!! The possibilities are endless and include any 3-D item like Moose Man's hair..if it ever grows long enough to get cut, or even vacation memorabilia ... I am always saving the weirdest things like sand. 

Anyway today I have a card that I made using this new tool and I just love the way it came out.

Ok so I apologize that the picture is a little dark, I was playing around with my new light box and guess it looked better on my camera than it actually did. But anyway this complete card came from the card kit included with the tool bundle. I took their card bases and I cut them so I could easily make 2-3 cards from one of their bases (yes I am that frugal.) The bundle also comes with three accessory kits, including two gold accent packs, leaving you plenty of options to make cards or layouts. 

For the card above I did not use any adhesive. I used fusible paper and simply fused everything together. It took a second for me to get the grip and speed of the tool but after completing one card I got the hang of it. My favorite part is how this particular tip leaves a "sewn" look on the card, no more faux sewing with my gel pen! The bundle came with 3 different tips and I am sure they all leave a different "trail" behind them which should be a lot of fun to play around with.

Well thanks for stopping by today! I hope you were inspired.

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