Friday, July 24, 2015

Bad Day Fishing Card

Happy Friday! I felt like this week just went on and on and on!! Now it's finally Friday!! Yay! I hope everyone has some fabulous plans for this weekend, it's supposed to be beautiful here in Upstate. Beautiful weather means that we will have some time to get some much needed house work done and maybe even some painting!! 

For today I had a request to make a funny outdoorsy masculine card for a birthday and after a little thought and a lot of looking around I decided to come up with this wonderful fishing card. 

I was forced to take the picture with my computer which leads to far less in the quality arena so I apologize. The sentiment is not truly that dark and it reads "A Bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!" 

The template came from the Cherish Book and is called "The Buckle" because it resembles a buckle. This was a really fun and easy template to use and I love how it changed the look of the card. I also used Jackson paper and my Shi Han markers to create a border. 

The inside is covered in the brown Jackson paper and has a Glacier center which reads Happy Birthday. 

Thanks for bearing with me on this wonderful Friday! I will be hosting a Mystery Open House between now and the middle of Aug. so if you care to do any shopping then come on in and join us for your chance to win. 

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