Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interactive Layout and Mickey Mouse Spread!

So as I mentioned in this post here I am now a member of Big Picture Classes and the first class that I am taking is an interactive class which teaches you how to add storybook elements and interaction to your pages and mini albums. I am absolutely enjoying this class to no end and it is so much fun, and so easy, to add interactive elements to your projects - who would have thought!! Here take a look at my newest interactive project. 

These were taken of my son's 3rd birthday, so yes we are doing a little time traveling today, but I had a ton of pictures from this event and figured the storybook element was the best way to handle them. 

In this interactive trick you simply make a "storybook" which is just a book that opens up to reveal more photos. To achieve this you simply measure out some paper, fold it in half, and wa-lah you have your very own "book"! 

This technique actually reminds me a lot of my son's Highlight magazines because every once in a while he will receive a mini storybook that he has to cut out and staple together - same concept. 

Below is a picture of my interactive layout partnered with my homemade pocket scrapbooking spread. 

 And here are some close ups of my handmade journal cards. A while back I bought the Mickey Mouse Classic Cricut Cartridge and I am so glad that I finally got a chance to play around with it. All of these cuts came from that one cartridge. 

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a peak at my page. I hope that you were inspired to make an interactive storybook for your next project. If you are interested in taking this course you can get a free trial for Big Picture Classes so hurry on over there. 

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