Friday, January 16, 2015

Life is Beautiful Scrap Layout

Happy Friday and thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to check out my new updates and projects!! Today I decided to share a fun and easy layout which I tried to keep pretty basic page for two reasons, the first reason is because I would like to go over some basic layout tips that I have not discussed in a while and the second is because the second page to this layout will match but will be much busier.

The page that I am sharing today is part of a baby album which I am slowly piecing together for one of my dear friends. You may notice that I did not leave a spot for journaling because I have a secret journaling pocket on the adjacent page which I will be sharing as soon as I complete it. So, without further ado here is what I have been working on this week.

My inspiration for this page was that lovely outfit Miss Abigail is wearing, which by the way is a very hard color to mimic, but never the less it is a very beautiful color. I was not too sure about how to handle the accessories in this page so I have some flowers that I have placed down but depending on the second page they may be removed, rearranged, or saved. I try to make the layouts in two 12x12 pages because I feel as though it unites the finished project better.

Again this page keeps to a clean and simple theme which is great for pointing out some design 101 tips, starting with balance. Notice that the two pictures are not the same size and are therefore unbalanced. If I would have left just the pictures on the page the layout would have looked like the left picture was overtaking the smaller picture on the right, leaving the reader to perhaps title there head. Balance is a simple concept with falls naturally in nature, meaning we expect to see and have balance to feel complete. Balance in your layout helps to create visual serenity.

In order to create balance in the layout I had to offset the two pictures by adding additional weight to the right side, or simply put the smaller picture with the larger die cut. It's pretty easy to achieve balance once you get the hang of it, just be careful not to over stuff your page and if you are still having trouble after a couple tries you can always follow a layout design sketch.

Note that a page does not have to be symmetrical however to achieve a great looking asymmetrical page requires a lot of work and planning.. and we will get to that in a later post.

The second design element I want to touch base on is color. Color is challenging for a lot of people and the easiest way to tackle it is to draw color out of the picture, as I have done with the neon yellow. I then took the page a step further and used an analogous color scheme by choosing the colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel (yellow, blue, and green.)

You can also choose to stick to colors that match a specific theme. For instance, in this page layout I could have easily went with pink for a baby girl (some others include the classic red and green for Christmas, or orange and black for Halloween). This theme based approach is great and easy to use because it take the guess work out of choosing the right colors. However, when completing a whole album (especially for an "against everything pink" mommy) I try to draw color out of the pictures leaving the album more colorful and visually appealing.

For a great post on how to choose your colors make sure to check out my Love to Learn post on color.

Well I think that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed learning, loving, and scrapping with me today. Enjoy your weekend and come back Monday for a foxy love card.

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