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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Days Spinner Tutorial

So as promised I have a card and a tutorial to share with you today from my lovely Friday night crop. I am part of the "Paper Crafter's Swaps & Such" group on facebook and Theresa (the moderator) put on a fabulous virtual crop on Friday night and I had such a blast. The theme of the night was spinners which are easy kinetic cards that I failed at once and was very hesitant to try again. I am so glad this was the theme of the night because these cards are SO SUPER EASY to put together and they are so so so much fun when finished. 

This card is a 4x4 because one of the recommendations was to make a special sized card and quite frankly a spinner card does not need to have any certain size restrictions and can be made using any sized card you have on hand or you prefer.

So in order to make a spinner card you will need 3-D foam adhesive, a few layers of card stock, two pennies, and your focal item (here it's the spinner.)

  1. Cut your top layer(s) to the proper size. I typically cut my layer 1/4" smaller than the base so the base color can peek around the edges. I also use two top layers with slider cards because I feel as though it creates a sturdier top.
  2. Take your top layer and punch or cut out a slider layer. The important thing to remember is to make sure your slot will slide your 3-D foam adhesive (so it needs to be slightly larger.) The easiest way to achieve this is to punch it with a paper punch tool or to cut it with your die cutting machine. I have a stencil that is made to assist when cutting with an exacto knife which works. I do not recommend cutting with an exacto knife unless you are familiar with them because this is the hardest way to create this slot, but if you are pressed on money then this way will work. 
  3. After you have your slot cut out of your top layer you need to get your focal piece and adhere it to a penny, for this part I use my tape runner to make sure the piece sticks to that dirty little penny. On the other side of the penny you need to attach a piece of 3-D foam adhesive.  I always try to use 3-D foam circles because they are the easiest to slide back and forth.. a square just naturally does not slide, but with a little effort you can get a square to work. The foam will be the thing that slides in the slot. On the other side of the paper and the foam you need to attach that second penny so the item has weight to slide. So the layers on this go focal point on outside, then penny, foam - in slot, then second penny (like a sandwich). 
If you are more of a visual person I have a wonderful video from Dawn where she will walk you through the steps above. I promise you that one day I will perfect video tutorials, but for now I love how this one walks you through it easy peasy. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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