Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let It Snow - Link Parties

Welcome Back! Today I have a great monochromatic holiday card to share. I drew the inspiration from the "Let it Snow" sticker that has been in my stash for years and also from the current link party over at PDE which focuses on Banners.

I had some trouble with the silver glitter on the banner - you can tell it's still a little wet in the pictures. First I wanted to outline the snowflakes that are embossed into the white paper, but then I quickly realized that my glitter glue was a little too thick so I decided to accent the "fluff" in the banner instead..... hmm.. 

I am going to show you my original one and then one that I re-made and filled in the banner with some glitter. I'm still not too sure which one I like more. Or if I should have just left it bank.. so many options. I am glad this is an easy design to re-create.
I wanted to make sure that everyone got the full design process with this card..and with most of my cards. I love to go back through my originals and try to improve them with the new skills and techniques that I learn everyday.
So here is what I finally stopped at with this beautiful card (well for now). I left the inside the same because it was nice, clean, and classic so I had no fuss with it. :)
Well thanks for stopping by. Make sure to come back and check out my newest wedding card...the bride is getting married on New Year's!! What a celebration - which is what cards are all about!!
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