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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Merry & Bright (Re-Make!!)

Ok so I promised to show you the re-make on some cards that I made a while back. While I liked the initial design and finished card I felt as though it could be improved on a little more.. you will see this a lot with me and I highly recommend it for everyone.

So first, I know you have waited long enough but I have some great news! And my blog never hardly ever gets personal so here it is.. drumroll!! My fiancé and I are working on purchasing our first home!!!! YAY!! So after a long and emotionally charged 2 months we have finally entered our final stages on being official first time home owners!!! I know it's very exciting! I wanted to make sure to let you guys know though because my lovely followers are becoming family and you should know that I plan to stay blogging full force even if there are a few bumps in the road.

So anyway, now onto the stuff you all come here to view. I initially posted this post where I showed the world my Merry and Bright design. BTW thank you so much for making that card such a huge success.. you guys all LOVED the idea, design, and cards and I really appreciate all the love I received back from them. So while the cards where I huge success - we even won challenges with them!! - I decided that they could be better.

Ok, so some slight changes have been made.. of course you loved the card so much that I still wanted to make it recognizable. The changes included a new and improved sentiment which I hand cut individually and then ran through the Xyron so they could become stickers. The Xyron is an amazing tool and I use it just about everyday. The initial sentiment for these cards came from manufactured stickers and they did not stick - plus I only had one color option, so in come the Xyron and a little DIY. This glamorous sparkle paper was bought in a small stack and offers a little more choice with colors - like that ravishing pink.
I also made the card base white instead of green.. so the inside is not so "KA-POW". The inside is left blank so that way you can add your personal message, I thought about pulling the design through but it's such a bright card that I decided against it.  

So there you have my new and improved "Merry & Bright" set, not so many changes but a much better outcome. I hope you enjoyed stopping by today and you were pleased or at least inspired by my life and my work. If you are interested in purchasing this set you can stop by my store and browse and shop securely. I hope to see you back for some more inspiration.

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