Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birthday and Holiday 3x3 sets

As promised I have a quick post today which shows some cards that cover the basics of how to use a single layout to make multiple cards each with their own style.

Here is a copy of the sketch (or layout) that I used. As you can tell the sketch is very open to interpretation right down to the flipping and flopping of it. I've heard people call this a sketch, a layout, a floor plan, ect.. it's all the same general concept that your design is pre-determined on the most basic level. Some people like to take the shapes and make them an embellishment - for instance, in the sketch below they would put a pretty little butterfly (or any embellishment) in place of the pink rectangle.

Pretty simple right... The thing I like most about using sketches is that it takes all of the heavy lifting out of creating a card leaving just the fancy embellishing and glitter for you to think about.

Take a look at the first set of cards I made using this sketch. Again very straight forward and simple, in fact the only thing that is changed on these from card to card is the stitching. On some I decided to zig-zag across the bottom and on others I sewed a loose box around the polka dot paper. Also as you can see I colored in the stamps on some and left others blank and if I really wanted to switch it up a little more I could have added different stamps or even used different birthday themed die-cuts, again in place of that small pink rectangle.

Here is a close up of the stitching and the various ways that you can stitch a card. My recommendations on stitching is to mark the dots (or to punch out) a template of where you want the stitching to go prior to getting out the needle and thread - this will also ensure that the lines are straight.

I also have a Christmas card using the same layout except the layout is turned so these cards open vertically instead of on the bottom. I also made these cards all the same, very clean and simple.
This picture below shows you how easy it is to take a simple sketch and to easily transform it into multiple cards. Again all the guess work and heavy lifting is done for you so you can easily take some 12x12 and punch out some easy and pretty 3x3 note cards.

I hope you liked looking at my cards today. If you would like to try out the sketch you can feel free to share over on my Facebook page or even share a link to your blog in the comments section - I love meeting new crafters.

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