Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weaving Hearts

Paper weaving!! Ahhh..brings me back to the good old days where you colored and pieced together pieces of paper in grade school! This is such a classic and easy way to give cards a cool, textured, and unique look.

This card is a standard card with a vertical fold. I used the weaving method, cut it out into a heart, and then attached it to the card with 3-D foam tape. My embellishments are pretty sequins and paper cut into strips. Oh yeah and the white background is mulberry paper.. another really fun textured paper to use.

Some tips on weaving is to take a piece of double sided sticky tape and attach it to the top of your cutting mat then add the strips of paper across the top  making sure to leave about a 1/2" hanging over the top. I also had the heart template already cut out so I could just trace it onto the weaved papers. For this particular template I had about 10 strips across and about 10 strips down. Also be careful to not use too many different patterns or textures when choosing the strips of paper - the first one I did looked a little crazy when I flipped it over to the front.
I hope you enjoyed this technique and as always feel free to link up your weaved project to our Facebook page.. I love to see new projects!

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