Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little One with Dry Embossing Tips

Embossing by definition is to "create a raised image or words, by using one of several methods, including pressure or heating and resins." In everyday scrapping terms embossing is a quick and easy way to add a beautiful dimension to your project.

As mentioned there are several different types of embossing which include deboss, dry embossing, heat embossing, and dimensional or wet relief embossing - I am sure there are more but those are the main ones that we will talk about.

So onto the project. Last night when I sat down to do my baby shower card I wanted to practice with dry embossing. Dry embossing simply means using a stencil securely positioned onto paper (or thin metal) which I then gently press with a bone folder or similar device to produce raised images.

And this is what my final project looks like.

 On a side note I am currently taking a "take better photos now!!" class to help me, but I think I am going to break down and head over to pinterest and make a light box.
For this card I used three different layers of paper, two of which I embossed with hearts on the light pink and dots on the yellow. I did not emboss the purple and left that layer the smallest to continue to follow that 60, 30, 10% color combo we outlined in our color post. I also embellished the sentiment and the giraffe (with a bow-tie which I couldn't resist)

Some great tips for dry embossing include:

  • To give the raised image a nicer effect use a heavier paper.
  • Use a light table to see your stencil through your paper.
  • Securely position the stencil to the paper by using a light adhesive or even double sided tape
  • The only stencil that has a back and front are numbers and letters.
  • Press firmly around the edge of the stencil.  
I would love to see what everyone else has for their dry embossed projects so please feel free to head over to our Facebook page and share those lovely pictures.

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