Friday, May 26, 2017

Mini Album Video: Wedding Theme

Have you subscribed to my YouTube channel yet?? It's getting pretty hot over there. If you have not then no worries, because today I am bringing one of those videos straight to you, so sit back and enjoy.

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Thanks and Happy Crafting! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Love: Live Beautifully

Today's cards were very easy to make and they didn't require a lot of anything really, except paper and a stamp set. In fact these cards are yet another way that you could use our Stamp of the Month without having to color.

A little different from the card that I showed on Monday using the exact same stamp set. 

For these two cards I simply took some left over paper from the "Live Beautifully" line and I cut it 1/4" smaller than my card base. I then took some left over white paper and some left over pattern paper (that blue is actually the blue ombre paper from the line) and I stamped and fussy cut out two larger flags. Remember these cards where the flags were the focal, well it's kind of the same deal. To finish off the cards I adhered three pre-made flowers from my stash. 

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Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So Happy Together (Plus Tutorial)

Hey Guys!! I am back with my final two projects for the week. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful cards that you can make with just 1/2 of one Live Beautifully paper pack. It's so amazing how much you can make.

Today's card features a pocket card for the main focal point. Pocket Scrapbooking has taken the craft world over and is such a wonderful and easy way to stay up to date on your scrapbooking. However, I often find that I have WAY too many cards, so just what am I to do?? Well of course use them to make quick and easy cards!! Like this one.

I simply layered some pattern paper onto the card base then put the card right onto that, making for a quick and easy focal point. I then decided to use some stuff from my stash and to embellish around the card to finish it up. 

The best news about this is that you can find a number of these cards on sale right now in our clearance section. 

Ok as promised I have a special tutorial for you today that is simply perfect for this season and upcoming Mother's Day holiday. Over the last week I went to a virtual crop (LOVED it so stay tuned for mine!!) and I was taught how to make these fancy little seed packets that I thought would be perfect to give to any gardener.

Or perhaps you can even give this out as a "Get Well" gift to any tea drinkers you may know. The size could easily be adjusted down to fit a tea bag in it, or a note pad.. that's the joy of paper you can get really creative with it :) 


Ok as promised I am going to show you how to make this super simple packet. 

1.) Take a piece of 4"x8" cardstock. This will be your base. 

2.)  Score the 4"x8" piece at 3" and again at 3.5" 
- this will allow your box to stand, or give width. 

3.) Create two accordion pieces for the sides. 
-To do this take two pieces of your base color and cut them at 2.75" (or length of box) x 1"
- Then score this two pieces every 1/4 of an inch (so 1/4", 1/2", 3/4") 
- then according fold or Mountain/Valley fold all the way down
( fold down, fold up, fold down, fold up...)

4.) Fold you 4"x8" piece on the score lines creating a packet/pocket/sleeve **

5.) Attach the two accordion pieces to the sides of the 4"x8" packet to create a "folio" 

6.) Decorate and Embellish at desired. 
- The font smaller piece is 3"x4" or matted @ 2 7/8"x3 7/8" (or as desired) 
- The inside/top portion is cut to 2"x4" or matted @ 1 7/8"x3 7/8" 

**This piece is put on prior to the Accordion pieces** 

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and feel free to link up below if you went ahead and created this packet. Remember it's perfect for tea, seeds, post it notes, really anything so make sure to get creative!! 

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